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We're a small hostel with a warm, friendly atmosphere that'll make you feel right at home. Many of our guests stay for several weeks or even months!

I live on property most of the year. I have one staff member Belkis, who has been with me for several years, and sometimes hire on one or 2 other workers, depending on the time of the year and whether I'm away. We have space for up to 3 volunteers at a time. Volunteers are accommodated in a room of the staff apartment, which has a bunk bed and a single bed (and the room next to it is for a staff member, when I have one living on property). Meals aren't included, but there's a communal kitchen that volunteers are welcome to use. Volunteers help out in a variety of things around the hostel, wherever needed. There's always something to do at the hostel- if it's slow, there's gardening, or sometimes painting.


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La experiencia es muy gratificante, se convive con viajeros de todo el mundo y se tiene acceso a actividades turísticas de forma muy económica. Lo recomiendo mucho para viajeros que busquen una experiencia multicultural y que disfruten de las actividades en el mar.

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Mel was a fabulous host and a great person to work for. The environment and vibe of the hostel was great, and I had so many opportunities to explore the rest of Roatan while I was there. The housekeeping work is dirty and hot, but it’s easy and only 20 hours a week.

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Un lugar genial para hacer voluntariado! Desde el principio Mel deja claro las tareas que hacer y te da un horario que te permite vivir y explorar la isla. El área donde está ubicado el hostal es céntrica y es un lugar donde he conocido personas de todos lados. La host y el staff son excelentes. 100% recomendado

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Impossible to recommend this hostel...owner living in Canada, "mgr." only works 3 hours a day/6 days a week and often said: "I don't tell guests that I live on property because I don't want them to bother me". Entire property is run down and needs lots of work, paint and TLC - inside and outside. Beginning 6/1, there will not be a manager. I cannot and do not recommend this hostel.

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We were shut for about 8 months with border closures and flight cancellations this last year. Due to the huge impact to the tourism industry, the hostel is still extremely slow, sometimes with multiple days of no guests, so staff is cut back to limited hours. We have 2 staff members, one who is leaving in June, and the other, who has worked with us the longest, who will be increasing her hours to cover this absence until the position is replaced. I (the owner) am currently up in Canada working to help financially support the hostel. Maintenance is being done on an ongoing basis- at the moment, our pool waterfall is being reconstructed, an a/c unit is being replaced, a hot water heater is being replaced, and 2 of the rooms have recently been repainted. In a time of financial difficulties, it is not possible to have everything done all at once, the running costs of the hostel and most essential maintenance work always takes priority.
John spent a little over a month at the hostel. He didn't give any indication that he was unhappy, just a few times had friction with staff members, but usually said he loved things. He messaged the morning of his day off, saying his was 'going on an adventure', and then was never seen again. All his belongings were left in his room, after 2 nights of no replies to messages and no sight of him, we were all very concerned. We contacted police and the US Embassy, who were able to ascertain through his passport that he had left the country. He finally sent one reply to my email of concern, just saying 'I'm fine, don't contact me again'. This review was the only additional information that I've gotten, which still doesn't really answer my questions of why he would leave without any message, with all his belongings still in his room.



Me he enamorado del lugar, de la experiencia y del hostal. Mi trabajo era corto y muy preciso, Mel es super atenta y flexible en un montón de cosas. También el hostal esta muy bien ubicado y tienes como compañeras de trabajo a Belkis y a Lindsay que son increibles, muy atentas y respetuosas. He logrado conectar con varios huespedes y aprendido mucho de ellos

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