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Our hostel has a warm and family atmosphere. New hostel in the best location in Tel Aviv! Join us and be a partner in the success of the hostel

Volunteers come from all over the world. The hostel is located a few minutes walk to the beach. Every evening we have fun games with friends from all over the world!


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I came for two weeks in December but I am thinking about coming back in the future. The tasks are quite simple and they have a very detailed plan about what you should do in your shift. The staff and Lior (the owner) are friendly and supportive. There are nice perks for volunteers like tours or pub crawls.

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Lior respondido

Thank you so much for your time with us, it was awesome!
Hope to see you again one day :)



All in all, not that kind of a nice experience.
The team was all of the time looking at your social behaviour and was also not accepting the borders between working hours and freetime.

Also the hostel is very unorganized and and the english skills of the manager are far away from perfect - thats just a stressfull basic situation.

So I left one week before the end of my time.

But I have to say that hostel is a beautiful place with a nice position in the city of Tel Aviv.
Also the manager - lets call him roger - is trying to help you with your personal plans.

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Lior respondido

Just to clarify things, we had some issues with Paul's social behavior (should I say antisocial?): being really awkward with the team and rude to the guests, staring silently, asking inappropriate personal questions, making creepy comments - people were not comfortable around him. I understand people are different and the hostel environment might not suit everyone, but this was definitely a mismatch.
On top of that I had a few complaints about his general attitude: slacking, back talking, feeling entitled when it's pretty clear that we offer work exchange and not just free accommodation and food.
We had a very gentle talk about this with Paul and we had to let him go as a result - that's why he "left" one week before - we could not have him for even a day more, cause it was affecting the whole team in a negative way. By the looks of this review I can tell it was a right decision after all :(

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Amazing experience, since I arrived to the hostel: from the hostel staff, Lior, volunteers and cleanning lady => AMAZING CREW. The daily tasks are easy, and Tel Aviv have an amazing nightlife that I promise you wont be bored.
The hostel offers you: breakfast, dinner, laundry, free tours around Israel and free staying in some hostels around Israel, and free PubCrawl!
Definitely recommended! 👌

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This was my first time volunteering at a hostel and it was an incredible experience! I volunteered for 2 weeks and during this time I made unforgettable memories and friends from all over the world. Roger and Sasha welcomed me on my first day and made me feel at home straight away. The location is also amazing and so close to everything (the beach, bars, clubs, markets, etc). It is a really social hostel, so there are always people around that you can explore Tel Aviv with, day or night. I would definitely recommend volunteering at Roger's to everyone!

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Lior respondido

Tx Lisa you are the best!
|We hope seeing you again in Tel Aviv!

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I volunteered at Roger's Hostel Tel Aviv for one month. it was an amazing experience. roger the owner is a really cold & friendly guy. he always helps out with the volunteers and guests. He personally arranges accommadition for free for his volunteers in other hostels for them to travel Israel. he has a lot of connections with other hostels around Israel. the staff is wonderful as well. the hostel facilities are great. it's a 7 minute walk from the beach too! as a volunteer you get a lot of cool stuff.. free laundry, free pub crawls, tours, and free accommodation in other hostels in israel.

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