Safestay Prague

We are a 150 bed hostel in Prague city Centre, Czech Republic. We opened our doors 9 month ago so we are a very clean and modern hostel.

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I was 2 weeks with Safestay, was a very fine experience :)
The hostel is big, very well located, the team is multicultural and nice people!
My work was around 22h per week during my stay (mostly housekeeping and 3 Bartender nights..), so I had a fair free time!
Prague is a beautiful city, totally worth it a visit.

2 meses atrás


Hello! My name is Lourdes and I've been in Safety Prague for three weeks. My experience has been more than satisfactory, my colleagues from worldpackers (I have coincided with three) have been the best thing that has happened to me and I would like to do a special review for the entire team of people who work every day so that La Safety Prague is one of the best, Tina is genuine, English, Greek, French and José, Portuguese has been my teacher and I am very grateful for everything. I recommend this hostel with capitals !!!!! Thank you!!!!

2 meses atrás


Everybody was really nice to me: Tinna and the receptions guys and Mark and the girls from housekeeping. The hours of work were just fine, the job was not hard at all. I already miss Safestay. Thanks for everything.

2 meses atrás


Really nice experience. Tinna has the best tips of Prague and the hostel is so well located! Thee job is ok and it's very organized.

2 meses atrás


Wow .... everything wonderful !! The hostal is great and perfectly located! The work is very easy !! The staff is great ... I made a lot of new friends ... and learned many new things! So ..... was perfect! Thank you Tiina, Jose and everyone else! See you soon!

3 meses atrás