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Hello, my name is Alexi, and with my wife Madeleine, father George, mother-in-law Louisa and our two young sons we run a glamping resort on the island of Kos. To start we would like to express that not only is this our business and income, it is also our community, passion and home where we believe you will have an unforgettable experience. We aim to provide an inclusive community for people to enjoy our site, the island and the culture of Greece. We absolutely love having volunteers and staff from all around the world work and live alongside us to help run our eco village resort, contribute to guests having an amazing experience, and to maintain and love our property and business in a way that nourishes everyone involved. As a volunteer we welcome you into our home as a personal guest, and many of our volunteers return on following years. We have volunteers from all over the world come to stay with us and in the height of the season you might be living alongside 20 other people at any time, so we have a real community spirit.

We have a mixed team of staff, from the village we live in to all around the world, Yemen, UK to Canada and Australia. We try to bring our staff into our family and work as a large family team

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I enjoyed this work experience so much, Alexi and his family are bloody legends and were so welcoming. They had extremely reasonable expectations with the tasks that we were given around the campsite, and were extremely helpful when I had any questions or was unsure about what I should do. The food that Louisa and Maddie cooked for us was always amazing too which is lovely bonus :D

Thankyou for having me guys!

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The work after the season is physical but a lot of fun and most days the 4.5 hours flew. We were given a lot of freedom and I never felt bad asking for help if something went wrong.
Lunch was delicious every day and while the area is very quite in the off season we usually found something to do in the afternoon or evening. On days off we had the chance to go on day trips with the other volunteers which were a lot of fun.
I loved spending time with the family listening to some mad stories and sharing laughs. Anyone with a sense of humour will love it here!
Thank you to Maddie and her family!

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Absolutely stupendous time. Great location and great hosts. I heard a number of great stories from Alexi and George and had the privilege to meet some of the local characters.

The work is very liberating, you are given a job with the trust that you’ll get it done without anyone looking over your shoulder.
Once the work is over you have the freedom to do whatever you want in the local area. I loved to run around the abandoned buildings and bunkers in the area.

Kind and Interesting people in a beautiful beach and mountain side area. You can’t go wrong.

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I had a great time on the Sails On Kos property! I got a very warm welcome by Alexi and his family and felt like a part of the group from day one. The life together was very relaxed and casual, I could decide by myself how much I want to be part of social gatherings without feeling pressure to participate in everything. Work was very hands-on and sometimes a little improvised, working hours were respected. Breakfast and lunch was provided, always freshly cooked and very delicious. The island itself is very quiet in off-season, great for a relaxed time. Thank you for the very nice experience!

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Diego: It was a really nice experience. I stopped traveling because of Pandemia and it was nice to reconect again with volunteering in Sails of Kos. Alexi and his family are nice hosts. The crew was awesome and I made friends for life. I enjoyed my time cooking for the staff and I was really greatfull of this experience. Wish you the best!

Jelena: This was my first volunteer and I had the most amazing experience! I learned many new skills (thank you Louisa💜) and had so much fun working along side other volunteers. I felt like being a part of the family and made friends for life!

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Alexi respondido

Thank you to you both for being here with us, Thank you Diego for the exotic meals you provided for all as well as helping in the kitchen with the main menu. Jelena, bless you for your balanced and comitted presence at work. It was great to have an adult couple as part of our team instead of the typical gap year students. Hope you having a great time with the new venture , please keep in touch. George

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