Saint James Backpackers Hostel

We have been entertaining and accommodating global travelers in central London for over 45 years. We've just had a major refurbishment and we now offer a range of rooms including bunk beds as well as private and private en-suite rooms. The hostel has a 120 beds and is based in an original Victorian building with original victorian architecture.


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I had a wonderful time at Saint James Backpackers and would only recommend to volunteer there:) The team is lovely, the location is perfect and the work is fun. I got in touch with alot of guests and heard diffrent storys. I had a wonderful time there and will come to visit soon

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Saint James is a peculiar hostel but one that I will always remember. I would repeat the experience but notice it is not suitable for sensitive people and u are going to work very hard. Most of the team are great and we support each other. As a constructive opinion, the work of the volunteers should be valued more often, if it is true that the agreed meals were fulfilled but the conditions are harsh, there should also be more staff at least for the weekends, because it is a lot of work . I have met many travelers, I have improved my English, I have come out stronger. Hope change for better.

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Este fue mi primer voluntariado y la experiencia fue buena. Lo mejor de St James sin dudas es su gente, los voluntarios y trabajadores. El trabajo es duro y lo que el anfitrión brinda a cambio no me parece suficiente para que sea justo. En mi caso en particular, había acordado con el anfitrión otra franja horaria y habíamos extendido una semana más mi voluntariado pero, inesperadamente, el decidió no cumplir con eso y termino mi contrato con 20 días de anticipación. Es un anfitrión poco empático y es la única razón por la que no volvería a hacer un voluntariado en este Hostel.

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One of the best experience of my life. For real.
Even tough there were lot of unexpected things (in a bad way) i think it was a uniquely opportunity for me.
I’m happy with all the people that I’ve met there, specially the staff.
On the other hand, i didn’t like the way the manager treat me and the rest of the stuff. Also he was really unfair with the days off. The first week my days off were split. And in my last week he only gave me one free day just bc “he didn’t have enough people to work”.
Finally, i do recommend it but not bc of the manager but the staff and the guest.
Lot of anecdotes💕

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Estados Unidos


What made my time there was the friends I made with some of the other volunteers and the guest that stayed with us.

The work is fairly simple and straight forward, but can be hectic at times due some volunteers being lazy and not much management there. And the place has a habit of drawing in the most hectic customers for some reason.

It was an experience I don't think I'll forget, but wouldn't do again.

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