Sambhali Trust

About Sambhali Trust : Sambhali Trust is an NGO focused on the development and empowerment of marginalized women and girls in Rajasthan. We work throughout Jodhpur and the surrounding Thar desert with women and children experiencing discrimination and violence on a daily basis due to economic, gender, and caste status. These women face extreme poverty and social exclusion—deprived of education, health care, and legal resources. Many lack any autonomy in their domestic lives, and face severe verbal, physical, and sexual abuse within their communities. At Sambhali, we equip underprivileged women with the tools to become financially independent, provide for their children, and establish self-sustaining communities of support. We have 25 active projects in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and the rural village of Setrawa. Our projects deal with a wide variety of women from some of the most deprived sections of Indian society. These projects include empowerment centers, sewing centers, a non-profit souvenir shop, and many special projects. Our work: We aim to break the cycle of poverty and dependence by providing vocational training in our sewing centers. We teach women valuable marketable skills to earn a living on their own. In our Empowerment Centers, we provide underprivileged women Rajasthani women and girls an education in English, Hindi, and Math. Through our Scholarship Project and boarding homes, we sponsor children from poverty-stricken families to continue going to school. We provide counseling, health, and legal support when women are abused, abandoned, and blackmailed. Most importantly, we provide a space that is safe and free of discrimination, to uplift the hearts and voices of deprived Rajasthani women and nurture lasting networks of support. Volunteer Position Description : Volunteering at Sambhali Trust gives you the wonderful opportunity to do important and valuable work, empowering the underprivileged women and children of Rajasthan. Not only will you help a non-profit organization that changes the lives of hundreds of women and girls, you will also get an insight into the intricacies of Indian culture, and develop an understanding of how a grass-roots, non-profit organization operates. Our previous volunteers have ranged from 18 to 70 years old, demonstrating that anyone can volunteer and make a difference to our Trust, regardless of age, skill-set or background. This is a great opportunity for those looking for a career break, gap year, or to gain experience in the non-profit sector while helping to empower women and girls. We are looking for volunteers to assist in the following areas : - Fashion design and/or sewing - English and/or Math teaching to non-English speakers - Marketing/Public Relations/Fundraising/Advocacy Requirements : -Must be open minded and without expectations. -Must have patience, understanding, and compassion for women and children of different learning levels and abilities. -Must be flexible; Sambhali Trust’s flexible approach means that the roles are varied and you can take on as many opportunities as you like. -Although no previous experience is required, it would be an advantage to have experience in any of the areas listed in the position description above. The duration of each volunteer's stay varies, but we urge a minimum of 1 month for those who wish to volunteer as a teacher in our Empowerment Centers, in order to establish and maintain a relationship with the students. : for more informations : Sambhali in French TV

Mr Rathore, the volunteers coordinator and all staff are always ready to help the volunteers. They pick you up at the airport and you will have a few days of orientation to visit different projects and buy some Indian clothes. You will live with other volunteers at Durag Niwas Guesthouse. There is no fee for volunteers at Sambhali Trust. The NGO will assist volunteers with finding accommodation. Please discuss details when applying to volunteer. Usually, volunteers stay at the Durag Niwas Guesthouse which is right next to our Sambhali House. The volunteer coordinator will advise volunteers on where to stay but expected costs at Durag Niwas are: non air-con room single 32,000 rps, shared 22,000 rps, and four shared 15,000 rps including three meals a day, drinking water, wifi, rooftop, picking up and dropping from Jodhpur airport, shared refrigerator and washing machine.

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