SenCLIP ( Senegal Culture Language Immersion Program)

At my place,you will enjoy an amazing cultural immersion experience. You will be learning happily while enjoying sharing your experiences. Exciting discoveries are on the secret table waiting for you. Learn a new language, Wolof or French, immerse yourself in a friendly community and learn & share stories, have a questions/answers session with a family or a group of students, or women's group, kids...Enjoy an evening on a roof full beautiful shining stars. Smile!

I am a social and sharing and caring gentleman passionated with languages,teaching and cultural immersion. As a language teacher, I'm also offering transcription-translation services; I'm really in the Language Industry & I like connecting people through cultural-language immersion projects. Social work is also an interest for me to help people feel happy and cared. I enjoy being helpful to others. I like serving communities to make our human interaction a better approach to train better citizens. Mostly the staff is University students with whom I enjoy working on our projects. My volunteers are always treated well and they deserve much consideration and respect. Friendly and caring manners in a warm welcome will give you happiness beyond the lovely work to enjoy together. Make yourself at home!


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Mouhamadou is a great host, easy going, responsable, openminded, enthusiastic....
He has a good project going, the interaction with the students,the discussions were really interesting, i learned a lot.
Mouhamadou, my host family, the students, they all made me feel very welcome.
Although Dakar can be hectic sometimes, i hope to be back soon.
I had a fabulous time, a great experience.


Mouhamadou respondido

Thank you Carry! Well, you are a very committed, motivated and inspiring person. Welcome back anytime! Great projects are taking place!

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