Soweto Youth Initiative

You will have an opportunity to experience the true African way of life, have memories that you will never forget when having your weekend excursions and safaris.

Programs are many and suitable for volunteers from the age of 14yrs and above, high school and university students, professionals, couples', families with their children and adults of 50+years.

We will write you a good and official recommendation letter or a certificate of appreciation/recognition for your time and service to us.

Orientation of activities is done to understand all the programs we have in case you're flexible.

Our programs and activities encourage cultural interchange and community development.

On the first day, you will receive a comprehensive induction to your new town. A staff member will take you on a tour of the surrounding area (slum) and point out places that might be useful to you. You will also be taken to buy a local sim card or exchange currency if you need to. Highly supportive and collaborative team will be here to support you. You will not work alone. There will be an induction session to familiarize you with the project. No need to worry. It is also important to note that this is a social project and we ask volunteers to make a small contribution of $12 per day of stay to finance the organization and cater for meals. The sustainability of this project solely relies on donations.


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I wasn’t sure how I’ll feel staying with a host an volunteering in a new continent but the host and the team made feel super welcome and helped me with every problem I had even when it did not relate to the organisation. They were all super sweet and kind and truly made me feel like a part of the family! The children are super sweet as well and welcome you with open arms as soon as you arrive! I loved teaching and playing with them! I truly think this was the best choice I could have made! Forever grateful to SYI and everyone I met while I was there❤️ I’ll miss them so much

hace 8 días

joshua respondido

Thank you for your time with us, these kids and the team will always remember and Miss you.
All the best in all your endeavors.
You're always welcome to visit another time.



It was absolutely an amazing experience. The children were so cute and my host Lawrence and his family did everything they could to make me feel home and safe. Joshua was also amazing, he answered so many of my questions and helped me a lot. The children were so cute and for sure it’s not an easy experience but it is one that will teach you a lot. If you have any questions do not hesitate to text me on whatshapp +41788049054.
Thank you one again to the whole SYI Team I will never forget this new family❤️

hace 12 días

joshua respondido

Thank you for everything you did for Soweto Youth Initiative.
All the best and welcome to the family.



I had an amazing experience, everyone was really kind and friendly and the kids were so sweet and fun! The hours are flexible, they leave you time to move around and visit, and the work is pretty open as well, you can personalize the classes and bring your own experience and knowledge to the kids.
For accommodations I felt 100% at home and safe, the host family feels like a second family to me, they were extremely helpful and kind and accompanied me everywhere I needed to go.
I miss everyone dearly and hope to be able to come back.

hace 3 meses

joshua respondido

We really appreciate you Gaia.
Your contribution to this project really made a difference to the lives of these kids and the community at large .
S.Y.I fraternity wishes you all the best in you future volunteering activities
Much love



Volunteering in Kenya with SYI is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Not only have I gained so much experience, I've also made tons of new friends and found a new family. People from the organization, my host, other volunteers, and most importantly - the kids in the slum - they're all such wonderful and lovely human beings. I wish I could've stayed longer than just 3 weeks.
Thank you very much for everything, Soweto ❤️

hace 6 meses

joshua respondido

Thank you so much Cynthia for the contribution you made to this project, you have touched so many lives.
We were so much Happy to have you and the memories we shared together will never be forgotten.
We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
It's our hope that you'll come back someday, welcome back.

Much love!



Nuestra experiencia en Soweto ha sido increíble, nos hemos sentido acogidos en todo momento y acabas sintiéndote en casa! Es increíble el trabajo que realizan y lo satisfactorio que es sentir que estas aportando algo en el proyecto.

hace 7 meses

joshua respondido

Thank you Maria and Alejandro for the time you spent with us at Soweto Youth Initiative. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any future volunteering activities and programs. They are responsible, dedicated hardworking, focused, open and ready to learn.

Best regards,


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