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# About Sikola Kampo: Sikola Kampo “Nature School” is a non-formal school that has a natural concept that involves children where they will learn about how to recognize nature, take care of nature, and utilize the natural potential around them to be useful. Here children will explore by learning fruit gardening, learning to cook, processing local food, learning to be a hero of garbage, to make composter. Not only that, I also invited them to learn foreign languages (English) because remembering Tomia Island is one of Indonesia's tourist destinations which is crowded with visitors both domestic and foreign tourists. So far the children in the Sikola Kampo have done many activities starting from art exhibitions from waste plastic, art and cultural performances, as well as painting exhibitions.

# About me: I studied at the Yogyakarta Art Institute - Indonesia for 4 years with a major in Graphic Design. As long as I am in Yogyakarta, there is a lot of experience that I have gotten from getting involved in several arts and education communities, which made me stay and stay in Yogyakarta for 10 years. When I returned to my place (Tomia Island) I began to think of creating a community for children and adults in terms of art and education as well. For now, what I'm starting to develop is the "Sikola Kampo" which involves children from 8 years to 12 years old. I developed the Nature School based on the experience I had while in Yogyakarta. I really like to be friends with anyone and very open to anyone. I have a hobby that might be the same as you like; Camping, Hiking, Snorkeling, Playing guitar and Reading books.

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