Supertubos Beach Hostel

Hello everybody!! Thank you SO much for your precious help on the past seasons !!!
Our volunteer team for this season is already complete!!!

Minimum stay 4 weeks .

The hostel is a family business, a factory of friendship, as we usually call it. In here we have a very relaxed atmosphere, located in a fantastic quiet spot in nature with excellent beaches.

It's a small hostel with 12 rooms and a maximum capacity for 30 people.

We prefer helpers/volunteers that can stay for one month.

We are searching for happy and friendly people with willingness to work and to enjoy the place, the area and the moment.

We offer the stay, in a shared room for Helpers and the breakfast in exchange of 4 h DAILY (every day) work (usually in the morning, except when waiting for new guests, something that we manage here all together).

The work is:
- a little help preparing the breakfast to the guests - going to the bread and preparing the tables;
- do daily general cleanup work at the all hostel;
- preparing rooms for new guests, cleanning the space and changing beds;
- waitting and welcoming for the new guests - just when needed;

Nice people are always welcome. Contact us :) See you soon.

We are Luis and Nádia. Luis - I love to surf and to live this dream - The Hostel - a family business, a special place in a special spot in front of the Ocean. Nádia - I love Nature and to provide confort and space for joy and life. In work we are as exigent as nice. So, nice people with willingness to work and to enjoy the place and the moment, are very welcome.

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I had an amazing stay at supertubos - so many amazing sunsets and a great time with the other volunteers, missing everyone already :( thank you so much !

hace 12 días



The hosts are really nice and the tasks - cleaning the hostel - manageable. Everything is very cozy and clean. It’s a good place if you want to go surfing as you get discounts on surf lessons. Unfortunately the place is a bit off and there aren’t any buses. But it’s very cool that you have the beach just in front of the hostel.

hace 18 días



Staying at Supertubos was wonderful! As a volunteer you get free bikes, a volunteer surfboard and discounts at Surflessons. The other volunteers were so nice and I am gonna miss them so much. We got to know many new people from hostels all around during surfing lessons and I made loads of new friends. Nadia and Luis are so caring, especially when you get sick, they take good care of you. They are also really lovely, passionate and funny people. The hostel is right on the beach and is beautiful. I am really gonna miss staying there and I can only recommend it to everyone. Lots of love

hace 19 días



This was my first world packers experience and it was truly amazing. Nadia and Luis are the best hosts- they are super kind, caring and make the hosts feel like home. The cleaning is very quick and easy and can be done in 2hrs. I had heaps of fun with the other volunteers in my spare time, exploring the beaches, going to local events and surfing with the surf school (which is also great). Overall a month I’ll remember forever , definitely recommend and hope to be back:)

hace 1 mes



Everytime I think back to my month at the Supertubos Beach Hostel I think of great memories with amazing people. Thanks to Nádia and Luis, I got to be a part of a volunteer family, which has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!
The work itself is not hard and takes around 2-3 hours a day once you get the routine down. Afterwards you have the rest of the day off to go surfing, exploring the surroundings, or just lay by the beach, which is literally in front of you.
Thank you for everything, I cannot recommend this volunteer opportunity enough! I will definitely be back :)

hace 2 meses

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