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Backpackers!!! Come to Hawaii and volunteer in a community of surfers, artists, musicians, and world changers. We are a diverse group made up of people who believe in using their talents to give back to the community. We are surfers giving back. We are located 20 minutes from the North Shore, home of the World's Premier Surfing Competition. If you work hard, want to help others and love being part of an active, thriving community then this is the place for you. Come join our world changers as we use our talents to benefit humanity.

Reviews: "I didn't know what to expect when i came here. But i'm not disappointed at all. I'm having a great time. You have lots of occasion to go surfing or to go on outreaches (feeding the hungry is an amazing experience). I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for adventure. You won't leave the same as you arrived!!" -Pierre H. (France) "If you are looking for beautiful beaches, meet really good people, and you don't mind to do really hard work helping the community, definitely this is a great option. I have been here for almost two months and I really enjoyed it". -Juan A. (Argentina) "I met so many great people. They took me on adventures during weekends, like camping, surfing and they really made me feel welcomed. It is such an amazing place to come to- you will step out of your comfort zone, make new friends and volunteer for an organization that is making a change in the community and people's lives. My stay here definitely made a changed my life and the way I see things". -Lena V. (Germany) "From the moment I arrived I was welcomed with open arms. The work we have done has been rewarding and moving - especially the Feeding the Hungry program. Being in Hawaii is a dream come true in itself and to share it with some amazing people doing something worthwhile makes it all the better. I'm really looking forward to the remainder of my stay and so far can't recommend it enough! -Emily, (Australia) "One of the main reasons I love volunteering here is that its focus is on people, and selfless acts of service. Thank you" —Andy K. (Australia) “This place is an awesome place. It is extremely rewarding. I can't do anything else but to recommend you to send in your application. Expect to help people, have lots of fun and to grow as a person! Don't expect to have lazy days because it is not” —Simon D. (Sweden) “Hawaii is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, hiking adventures, surfing (of course), snorkeling, swimming with turtles, idyllic waterfalls, insane sunsets and Rainbows. It was so cool to be part of an organization that are pushing the boundaries and also keeping things relevant within the surf/skate culture. It changed my life. But be warned, you won't want to leave.” —Leah J. (England) “This has been a life changing experience for me. I am so thankful to be living here and experiencing so many rad people!” —Spencer K. (Canada) “I was able to experience Hawaii and the beauty of the island, but more than that I was able to "give back" to the community. The volunteer work we do in Honolulu is really tangible. No other place like it!” —Gisele P. (South Africa) "It has been so cool to meet and work with dynamic people from all over the world, serving the people of Hawaii. The community here is made up of people who can both work together and have fun together. -Carolyn C. (USA)


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