The Isabella

You'll sail beautiful Lake Michigan, and sleep on the boat, spend time in the world class city of Chicago, and hang with cool people. The Isabella is a great boat and we take her out a lot. So be prepared to have an unforgettable experience!

The regular crew are all great people local to Chicago. We're about peace, love, and enjoying ourselves :) The boat is 25' long so quarters are close. We are respectful and polite so please be the same. We do party on the boat on the weekends so be prepared. Treat others as you would like to be treated and your going to have a good time.

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Amazing experience at The Isabella, Karl is a really nice guy and made me feel at home all the time. Thanks for being there and making my trip amazing! Lara

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The experience on the boat was absolutely different to any experience I have had before. The Isabella is a small boat, but pretty good to spend a few weeks enjoying the lake and the city. I could met good people, have fun and enjoy the amazing view from the harbor. Wake up and have breakfast slowly in front of the lake and the big buildings of Chicago... it was one of my favorites moments in this city.

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The idea of staying in a boat in Chicago sounds cool already. But staying at The Isabella, that's when you see that all the other stuff are boring. Karl is an awesome, easy going guy who made it all to make me feel at home. He's not at the boat all day, so he let you do the things at your time and he's fair with the tasks.
Also the harbor is a good place to meet new people and Karl has a lot of friends who are always around.

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