The Lights Hostel

Looking for a fun hostel where you´ll have a good time and will meet people from all around the world while you get to know the Spanish culture! Don´t look further! We are located in a superb location right in the centre of Malaga. Come check us out and see why we love it here! We're a friendly place, its our place and we really care about it, so we want to give you the best possible experience while you stay in sunny Malaga, the warmest city in mainland Europe!

Our main goal is to create a nice, homey and fun ambiance, we always try to ensure that everyone is having a great time and make the most out of their experience at the hostel! We spent a year renovating a historical building in a superb location right in the centre of Malaga and we are always trying to improve and maintain eveything in high standards. We have 11 full time employees that you will be helping in different shifts: we always try to keep it fair so everyone get a mix of all the shifts. Also, we are a vegan friendly hostel: most of our meals have a vegan or vegeterian option and we provide alternative for breakfast too!

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I had an amazing time working in this hostel ! I already visited and worked in other hostels but this one was particularly friendly and welcoming. If you come in Malaga for a few time, apply for the lights you will not be disappointed !!

hace 15 días

Reino Unido


I absolutely loved my time at the Lights, everyone is so welcoming and friendly to work with. I feel that I am leaving this experience with a new family in Malaga. Thank you so mucb for the opportunity.

hace 16 días



This was my first experience volunteering at a hostel and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity. I consider all of the staff friends and I was surprised at how everyone welcomed me and how much they considered me part of the team. It was an important experience to learn how to live together and work as a team, and I was able to practice my English and Spanish a lot. I will miss my time there and possibly I'll come back one day 😊🙏

hace 22 días

Estados Unidos


I had an incredible two and a half months at The Lights Hostel. I had so much fun connecting with the volunteers, staff, and guests. After completing all the different shifts, the work becomes very low stress. Many shifts have downtime where you have the chance to socialize with guests. I met so many people and guests would often ask about becoming a volunteer. I personally know multiple people who joined worldpackers after speaking with me and seeing The Lights. I'm sad to leave, but thankful for the great summer in Malaga. I hope I can return again one day and see the great people I met.

hace 27 días



Long story short, too much happened in a short time, from the moment we talked about the shedule confirmation to the moment they gave me a wrong key and I had to stay outside for more than an hour.... but it's ok I'm good. when it starts like this, I'm not gonna lie I don't feel comfortable, wish you all the best.

hace 1 mes

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