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To be a volunteer in THE POST HOSTEL is to be a part of a special family in Jerusalem . A great opportunity to experience and watch closely this special city in a place located walking distance from famous sites in the world, but mostly experiencing being a part of people who make the dream a reality and represent the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. THE POST Is a new hostel that was established just before five mounts ago. Whoever will join this family chooses taking responsibility and being part of a new and amazing creation. In our point of view the volunteer is an integral part of the team for all senses. Will be able to enjoy the benefits of both. Being part of the team and being a guest and taking part of things that happen in a hostel . And again an opportunities to meet all different kind of Israelis and meet many types of travelers from all around the world. We grantee hard meaningful and satisfying experience.

Our team works with great cooperation. Our guidelines is respect and friendship. We expect that each one will contribute from himself as much as he can.


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The post was an amazing home and refuge for me at a time when I truly needed it. The staff are a beautiful crew were always living and helpful and made the experience very special for me. The space is amazing and a perfect base from which to experience Jerusalem. I recommend it with all of my heart:)

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