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Help us to get the business up and running after the evil covid 19 restrictions. We are the heart of the community here in East Ferry and so its the real meeting point of the area, lots of chance to practice language skills and make new friends. Working just a few hours for 4-5 days a week gives you lots of chance to get out and explore, we are located in East Corks most amazing rural locations, right on the side of the water and all the roads are so nice and quiet for nice walks and adventures through the woods. Midleton town is just a little 5/10mins in the car (1 hour walk) that is a nice town to explore and shop on a day off and maybe even stop in at the Jameson Distillery for a little sampling.

Myself and Cristian both arrived into Ireland on volunteer work exchange programs and so we both know what its like to be the volunteer in new surroundings and meeting new people. and we have hosted ever since we have had our own properties(West Cork). In November 2019 we moved in East Cork and started The Tavern and now we are looking for a little help to get the business re-established after the Covid Closure.


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My experience at The Tavern was amazing!
Sarah and Cristian were incredible hosts and they made me feel like a part of their family:)
The work was very easy and I have had the opportunity to stay both in the kitchen and in the front of the restaurant, improving my english with the customers, with the collegues and with Sarah:)
I had the opportunity to use the bike in my free time, exploring the places and the near city.
Cristian was an amazing chef!I always enjoyed the meals provided, particularly the dinner:D
Thanks guys for the experience!! It was great:)I absolutely recommend it!

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I absolutely loved my stay with Sarah and Cristian. The place is a bit remote, which is perfect for everyone who came to Ireland enjoy nature and conect with a local people. My job was easy and well explained. Surounding area is just gourgeous, and I had enought time to go for a walk or explore near cities. I felt there more like in a family house, and we were kind a family. My bed was super compfty and together dinner were the best part of every day. Cristian is an amazing chef. I really had a great experience, and maybe Ill be back!:))) Thank you

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This month in The Tavern has been a great experience for me, despise I applied for a different role as a bar person in the restaurant, I enjoyed working in the kitchen as well. Christian & Sarah have been really nice with me and made me feel welcomed since the very beginning. They helped me with any doubt or concern I had in and out The Tavern. The surroundings are just amazing; waking up in the morning with the views of the lake and walking around in the nature is all I needed. I’m really happy I made the decision of choosing this experience and very grateful to the hosts for everything :)

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No me gusta hacer este tipo de comentarios, porque no es mi estilo, pero por el bien de la comunidad creo que es necesario. Los anfitriones no te explican nada de las tareas diarias, dan por echo que sabes hacerlas e incluso te gritan y te faltan el respeto poca educación por su parte. Con eso tipo de comportamiento no deberían albergar a gente en este lugar, Sarah una noche se rio de mi porque mi inglés no era correcto, yo al hablar cometía algún error y a ella la parecía divertido, una gran falta de respeto muy grande, yo me sentí muy mal, paso de ser una experiencia a una pesadilla.

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Sarah respondido

I cannot believe that you would write such a review David, We tried above and beyond to help you in every aspect of your stay here with us. You lied on your application about your previous experiences and therefore we had offered you a role that you were not and never would be able to fulfil. Even though you admitted lying to us, we still allowed you to stay with us and offered to help you gain skills to go forward with. Cristian spent every hour in the kitchen teaching you all the styles of preparation and kitchen basics and I spent many evening chatting and helping you with your homemade English book that you had (that yes it had errors and I tried to help you correct, some were funny and yes I laughed because you had taken from American movies and you had things like 'milf' translated and I told you never call someone that)
We truly wish you the best in the future,
Advice for your future, Listen and if you don't understand, tell the person and Never get someone else to write your C.V for you - don't lie on your C.V.



Sarah and Christian were wonderful hosts, we felt really welcomed and they always made sure we had everything we needed. The area is beautiful and they made us discover a lot of places. It was an amazing experience, totally recommend it!

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