The Vegan Academy hostel

Our hostel is more than a place to sleep, it is a small place with only three rooms so we give the guests a felling of staying in friends' house more than a hostel. This place is our baby, we keep it in a perfect condition and take care of all of the guests in the best way we can, always making sure that they get all the informations needed and do not struggle with anything. Normally we spend at least half an hour with every guest arriving so we can acknowlege their plans and expectations so we can meet them and make the guest's experience amazing.

The voluunteers become a part of our family, we have hosted many of you guys already and it is the happiest part of this work that many of you became regular visitors and close friends to us. You will be involved in everything happening here, it is not only about working, you will share our life with us, expect to be dragged out to see the night life too =D

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Was a pleasure to work and meet all workers from Academy!

1 mes atrás


I really enjoyed my time working at the Hostel. I was well received and well treated by the entire staff. Mimi is a fantastic person. This is an experience I recommend to everyone.

1 mes atrás


This was kinda last minute thing.
And by now...
Mimi is the best host. Lovely, placent and funny. She's so easy going.
Tasks are easy and of course Venice is a magical place.
The team was the best team. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
I REALLY felt like home at hostel and in Venice.
Definitely i'd like to volunteering here again!!!

3 meses atrás


The operation they have in Venice is really cool and the job is fair. You work as housekeeper and receptionist depending on the demand and where they place you. Mimi and Emma are kind to every kind and make the experience be great. I had some issues with the owner but Mimi solved in the best way <3 If you are fab you should come aswell because I will come back asap to see the guys and have fun once more!!

4 meses atrás


Working in this place and with this staff was amazing, it was my first experience with worldpackers and it was awesome, not only bcs off the friends that i made there, but also for all the things that i learned, including eating/cooking vegan food. Thanks so much Mimi and everyone for this opportunity, the job was really easy and good and we still had time to explore and get lost in Venice. I'll miss this!!

4 meses atrás

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