Tiki Camp

You love to be part of a team, spend your days outdoors, don’t mind physical work, love animals, are not afraid of cleaning, are responsible and caring. You have a good command of English.

We are social, kind and fun loving people. We work very hard and expect them same from our volunteers. We treat everyone with respect and love.

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Tiki camp I had a beautiful experience, it was one of the best experiences I had. Thanks to their love I was able to feel at home,they made me feel part of the family. Nicki and Tirza are super. If you like nature, animals and enjoy playing with children, it is the perfect place. The work is good, they will find a way to make you feel comfortable. It is a beautiful place, without a doubt we will return! Thank's for your love.

hace 13 días



Our experience at Tiki Camp was simply amazing. We felt very comfortable from the first minute. They are a very special and beautiful family, Tirza, Niki, Lui, Otti and the animals too made us part of the family and we re very grateful for how they welcomed us at their place. The tasks are always varied and they have a really good eye to determine if you can’t do any task or if there’s something you like or enjoy more to do. Tiki camp is the perfect place if you like nature, they will always provide bikes to get to know the island as long as the bikes are available. We really recommend it.

hace 16 días



Volunteering at Tiki Camp was a good experience. The family (including the furry ones) are lovely and pleasant people. The tasks I did were varied, including gardening, house maintenance, domestic chores, and some creative/artistic work. If you have any preferences or hidden skills, let the girls know and they will try to give you related tasks 🙂 The island is a peaceful place full of nature, and you can go out exploring by bike whenever you want. A good experience overall!

hace 23 días

Nicki respondido

Thank you Gabi for the kind words. It was a pleasure to have you and we wish you all the best and hope to meet again. Unfortunately it was so busy here that we missed the deadline for posting feedback for you. I hope you can copy and paste this to your profile so people can see we were very happy to have you and they shouldn't hesitate to invite you to their homes! :)



My experience at Tiki Camp was very beautiful, I felt very safe and very comfortable, I had my own space and food always available. Tirza and Nicki were always very friendly, I enjoyed experiencing little Oti, baby Lui with the games and Lucy. taking walks on the beach! a very smart dog! Very loving kittens too! I shared with two beautiful volunteers who luckily helped me communicate because my English is not that good! There were always bicycles at my disposal for walks around the island, the activities were varied and the schedules were respected!

hace 1 mes



I couldn't have dreamed of a better first experience as a volunteer. Nicki and her family are great (Nicki cooks like a chef). You can live in a quiet place close to nature, bicycle available to visit the surroundings, you can arrange your working time as you wish and the work is not complicated.
I can only strongly advise you to come and discover this beautiful place and get to know these great people a little.

hace 2 meses

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