We run a restaurant and have a big, beautiful garden in the mountainside. At first, it was a bamboo grove ridden with wild brush, but after 10 years of hard work, I was able to transform it into a resplendent flower garden that blooms in every season. By living with me, your Japanese will certainly improve and you may learn a lot about organic cooking. I can also teach you about gardening and trimming. We would love to take you to various traditional Japanese cultural activities! If that sounds like fun, please send us a message.
★I don't accept couples, but pairs are okay.

My name is Hiring. I live in Kamigori with my husband and two dogs. Kamigori lays in the countryside, meaning it is quiet and relaxing. The people here are very kind and willing to share local culture.


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I had a great time at Hiring-San’s place! The work was easy, I did weeding twice a week for a few hours and then worked in her restaurant over the weekend. It was such a unique opportunity to meet local people and experience Japanese culture. I got to take Kendo classes and go to a tea ceremony which were super fun. I would definitely recommend staying with Hiring-San, the town she lives in is really nice and the activities she takes you to are great. Thank you! :)

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Was awesome ! Thank you Hiring-san !

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Hiring provided a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in truly authentic Japanese experiences within the Japanese countryside.

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Please do not stay with this host.
After weeks of continuous verbal assult and belittlement, on March 25th 2024 myself and two other workers felt it was safest to leave this hosts house. I was targeted and shamed on a nearly daily basis for not living up to Hirings unreasonable expectations. Trying to work through the situation by talking hadn't worked and there was no option for me to talk freely about my feelings. I didn't see this comming and don't want anyone else to go through the same traumatic living experience of harassment and verbal abuse. Please steer clear of this host.🙅‍♂

hace 4 meses

Hiring respondido

During your stay at my place, you were very difficult to host.

I felt that our relationship was strained, however, despite my attempts to try and make the situation more comfortable, you made little effort to try and communicate with me or try and understand each other better. I am still improving my English and was very offended when you purposely ignored my attempts to talk, even making fun of me when I made mistakes in English.
I try and keep the work light and not overbearing, however, you put in very little effort, and to such an extent you made things harder for me. I am very upset you felt harassed and found this experience uncomfortable as it was never my intent, what I want is for people to enjoy coming to stay with me and exploring a unique side to Japan and the Japanese countryside. I think that blaming me for your discomfort is unfair as you were very difficult, you had unreasonably high expectations, that I could not fulfill, and put me in multiple hard situations、even straining my relationship with people in the community.

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I absolutely recommend staying at Hiring-san's place! I had a wonderful time getting to explore a beautiful countryside town and finding its treasures. Kamigori Town is seriously underrated despite all it has to offer.
During my stay I helped with weeding for 4hrs: 10am-12 then 2-4pm.
Hiring-san is an inspiring individual who has many stories to share. Her husband, Susumu-san, is very funny and energetic. Despite Hiring-san being very busy, she always made time to talk to me. I felt very welcomed and at home. Those who are accepted by her and have this experience are truly lucky individuals.

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