Hi, we are Juan, Paz and our daughter Clara. Juan is a shepherd who studied forestree engineer. Paz is already over 15 years working with medicinal plants destillation perfums and plant healing. We habe made a Logical farm up in the mountains of extremadura inside the forest. Our purpose is to recover and expand the fertility of the land using traditional ways of working with animals, plants and constructions, having the biggest respect with the nature and leaving behind us a future more fertil and seeded than consumed. Our Thinking is that the trees we plant now are for next generations and so on. We began on March 2012 as this complete valley was over 50 years abandoned. This mountains never met chemicals. Thanks to the help of volunteers we habe naturaly healed and fertilized most of this valley. We provide us health through the garden, natural plants and the logical living (same call it ecological) The goats go to the cliffs everyday cleaning and recovering the old ways that nobody used for a long time. They will eat the best food an animal could eat...pure natural and healthy plants from the clean nature. Later they came back bringing the best from the mountain to make our products. We are completing a bio cycle with water, plants and animals. The fields contains the plants that provide health to the forest and the animals... and flavour to the milk and the cheese. Many rivers are borned in our valley sourranding the houses, so all water is much pure and good for drinking. We also provide us health through the vegetable garden and sprouting natural seeds. The place is like a little paradise!! Respect for the earth is our fundament. *️we accept volunteers minimum one month to be able to adapt to the present works and to know and learn minimum well the activities we develop here. but we like when people stay longer.. This make the learning process much more effective and eficient best wishes and thanks to all of you helpers of the nature, helpers of the world. Saludos, ànimos y fuerza

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities We like to work with people, teaching and learning, showing and explaining everything what we do. So we all learn from each other and the work has a meaning, samething to be enjoyed. we are working similar to a sheperd or herding school. different disciplines that involve the land are being showed everyday. we also work with medicinal plants and trees. spanish language can also be learned. we like to teach. We also teach cooking as Juan was cook for several years any thing you are interested to learn we will try to help. Accommodation Stone house with 2 big beds and kitchen. Heat by fire. solar Shower and fire bath. Kitchen and saloon with posibility of electricity and internet Electricity works at 12v just as in the cars. you will need to bring 12v car adapter to charge your phone The place is very wild up in the mountains and surrounded by different kind of forests, cliffs and rivers. Access only by 4x4 car or horse. You will need highmountains boots and love hiking to get up here. The village is only 4 km walking and there are different beautifull ways to get there. There are lots of places to go on free days. This mountains are perfect for hiking. We live near the highest point. In 1.30 hours you get to the highest mountain where you can see also portugal, very special views. There are also many naturalwater swimingpools+ waterfalls everywhere in any path you take to go for a walk. The summer is not too hot (around 30*️️) and the winter not cold (mostly is over 0 *️️) Please bring your own sleepingbag, lamp and other stuff you may need for your own. We ve got all this things to borrow you but sametimes are not enough. We habe also a blog with more photos you can request from us.

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