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Traveling is exploring, having fun and sharing happiness. Our goal is to make travelers be fulfilled with joy and happiness by having a good time together while playing some music, do some DIY workshops, play games, cooking together, having fun outside in nature, visiting Permaculture workshops or some events around the city or in nature... all in all, Unity Hostel is all about unity and community with the feeling of family. Plus we are in the very center of the city and everything is in walking distance from the hostel :) Unity Hostel is home for travelers explorers!

We are chill group of people open to diversities and we love to share some knowledge of our culture and learn the world's culture heritage that travelers are bringing to us. We like being together and having fun with our guests and our volunteers because we are like a big family in small community creating our own world inside the hostel.

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This hostel feels like home - from the cozy place to the amazing staff. \nThe night shift is easy and the city itself is really interesting and fun.\nI had a great time and I hope to be back someday. Until then, I have beautiful memories 😊

2 meses atrás

Oliver respondido

Noa is a gift. From the moment she started volunteering at our hostel she became a member of the family. She was great at the responsibility given, perfect at helping the staff and filling in for working friends, This young lady is also very friendly and ideal when it comes to relations with guests. As if all this is not enough, Noa can also do magic with avocados in the kitchen. In short, all hosts who has the chance to have her in their place will have difficulty waving her goodbye. That"s why we said " See you again Noa "

Unity Hostel


Hi! I'm Juliana and I'm a Scout from Worldpackers team :) Oliver is an open minded and easy-going host. The hostel is eco-friendly, great for nature and outdoor lovers. You'll have a good time and he will share with you many activities. Cheers!

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