Van Gogh city , Roman history, Flamingos

Hi, my name is Kim, i live in Arles on summertime, Arles is an ancient roman town of South of France and belongs to la Provence Region . It was also Van Gogh’s favorite place to stay where he painted more than 300 paintings ! You will be able to see the archéologic Roman sites, gothic church and others great cities as Beaux de Provence, Saint Rémy de Provence, Pont du Gard, Avignon, Nimes, Orange, Montpellier student city, Marseille and the Calanques, and so more .. It s easy to walk or bycicle in town , many buses or train are provided . We are also 40 mins from the méditerranéan sea…and Saintes Marie de la mer in area called la Camargue ( very symbolic Christian place and known for its Nature, horses, flamingos, swans, bulls..) I am looking for some help to renovate my provençal house with its garden in order to host tourists next summer. I can provide breakfast and lunch. Minimum of three weeks stay ;)

I am most of the time alone to care of the house. I love to share about our culture or experiences, languages and nice time together in this beautiful part of France.

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Kim is the perfect person to have host your first worldpackers experience, and of course just in general! She is so kind, generous, and welcoming, she makes you feel like family or a good friend. I had a lot of fun, thanks to Kim having the nature to share everything she loves with you! The tasks were very simple and clear, exactly whatever you expect. They are basic in the sense that you are just working with your hands, cleaning or painting etc. It's always nice to see the difference your work makes! I can't recommend Kim or the experience itself enough! Thanks again Kim for everything!!

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This was my first experience as a Worldpackers member and it couldn't be better. Kim is an excelent person who mades me feel like my own home since I arrived. I strongly recommend this experience. The chores scheduled are respected and agreed before and Kim always takes into account your opinion. Moreover, Arlés and around are marvelous places. To sum up, the only thing I can say is thank you very much for the opportunity.

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Nguyen respondido

Can’t wait to follow your next move, you had so much energy it was very impressive 👏👏👏🫶



Kim is an amazing host, she treat me like a friend, always looking out for me and planning fun activities to do around town. Arles is a quite, peaceful city. The work hours are not long, but the tasks can be hard sometimes , just be open minded. But overall , it was a great experience! Thank you kim.

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Nguyen respondido

Thank you too Monica for your fantastic help,
I had this unexpected and last clean up and i couldn’t make it without you 🙏🥰



I’m more than happy to have lived this experience! Arles is an incredible town filled with art everywhere, nice cafes, restaurants and museums
Kim is an adorable person and a great host, she did beyond her best to show us the nicest spots around, traditional events… I can only say merci de tout mon cœur 🤗
It was so satisfying to see the difference when our work was done! We had very productive and fun days, I truly recommend this opportunity 🥰

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