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At Waves we live a unique lifestyle, we prioritize enjoyment in everything we do and are proud to be highly customer focused. Our stunning beach location offers incredible nature experiences and a once in a lifetime chance to improve or begin your SURFING journey. With 4 point-breaks within 10Km and a beautiful headland right in front that offers North Easterly to South Easterly facing beach breaks, there are waves for all abilities. Life here gives you the chance to lead or take part in many activities such as: sunrise surfs with anytime use of our surf equipment, beach games, diving, snorkeling, fishing, local walks, yoga, heading to the pub for live music, nightly socials around a fire and much more. We pride ourselves on being very eco-friendly and environmentally aware. We are big recyclers and work hard to keep our property clean and looking good. - Being quite remote we need to have a 'one menu fits all' attitude about our food. We all take turns cooking dinner every night, so cooking is important and a great family moment every day! We do 1 food shop a week and since we all eat together, we cannot cater to many different diets/wishes. Catering for vegetarians is totally fine, but only if you are not too fussy (your food can be cooked near meat etc). However, we can NOT cater to vegans/dairy/gluten free diets or heavy allergies. We're sorry but it has proven to be too difficult. -

My name is Annemieke (Anna) and I run the campground together with my partner Kit and the owner, Richard. Together we aim to make a Waves a welcoming home for as many people as we can. Since 2015 we have hosted over 500 volunteers and we simply love it. Having quite a bit of travelling experience between us we understand and connect with the travelers lifestyle well. Creating our own community and hosting people from all over the world is pretty much the dream if you ask us. PS: in March Kit & I welcomed our baby girl Ayla, she is a dream! It does make me a little slower with my message replies sometimes. Sorry if I keep you waiting a few days, I will definitely answer back!

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In resume, a family in the middle of nowhere.

I would recommend to go to waves camprogund if you need to be disconnected, and feel that you are part of a community.
We were a crew working and we lived in shared vans and eat always together.
It's a beautiful place to stay and Kit is so nice and helpful, I felt very welcomed every time.
One of the cons and maybe the only one, is that is in the middle of nowhere and if you don't have a transport is very difficult to go away, you need to hichick basically, so in our day of, we couldn't do too much.
But as I said, is a place to disconnect.

hace 20 días



This was absolutely a unique experience for me!
The minute I got there I felt so welcomed already. During your stay there you will grow so close with the crew, since you work, sleep and eat together, they will feel like family. You will do a lot of activities with them, like hiking, surfing, games or dance parties.
Since you don’t have internet access there really is no need for your phone. So just use it for some pictures for your memories ;)
Since it was such a nice community there it was really hard to leave them all but I hope to be able to visit them again one day!!

hace 26 días



Few meter from the beach (incredible sunrises), in the forest (can see a lot of different animals) the campground is an amazing place. All the travelers we form a real community, we are a lot together, but we can also find our moment alone if we want to. As a camping the place isn’t perfect clean, but you adapt yourself quite fast to this lifestyle, and it could be bothering when it rains during a few days consecutively. The transport to arrive and leave the campground is quite difficult (school bus and hitch hicking). Anna, Kit and Richie are very cool persons!

hace 26 días



Waves Campground is a great place to meet many friendly people. If you need help with something or have questions you’ll receive the help you need. Really a great community that offers many opportunities for example to learn how to surf. I can recommend it to everyone :)

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Would 100% recommend Waves Campground, such an incredible place with incredible people!

hace 2 meses

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