Weingut Ardesia

We are in the most romantic area on the Middelrhine with a lot of Castels and a lot to see. Your winery is still very small but we like to houst people and we like to show you in the different times of the year what you need to do to get a perfect wine. Only to now the picking is not always at the same days we starting around 25 of September until the End of October but we do not pick the complete period... this depends on the weather.

The cellar work is done by me Melanie and i have a second worker witch do the Maschine work in the win yards. In different periods when it is needed we organize more workers for help. Only for the Greap picking we need a lot of People witch normally is a funny Group mixed of Worldpackers and others witch picks the Greps

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Increíble! El lugar es maravilloso y los trabajos son adecuados y se disfrutan de hacer! El equipo me hizo sentir como en casa y el lugar es muy cómodo ❤️ Gracias!

1 mes atrás

Melanie respondido

The bottels you are prepared are verry stylis now. Ready to be send arround the world. Thanks

Estados Unidos

Truly a beautiful place! I felt very welcomed here, great community of people. There is an apartment just for the workers which was nice. The work can be long and hard but the view was incredible! Melanie and her family were lovely :)

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My experience was better than I expected :) I extended my stay from two weeks to a month. The vineyard is mystical, incredible landscapes in a cozy village. The people who work in it are the best. A beautiful family was formed with whom I shared incredible stories in the evenings of roasts and nights of bonfires, drinking good wine in the terrace of the house.
The work is sometimes hard, but the effort is worth it. Totally recommended.

1 mes atrás

Melanie respondido

Thank you Diego and good luck for your Job research in Germany

Costa Rica

I spend 5 weeks here in Ardesia weingut, the whole experiencie has been a lot of learning, I must say the the work is hard but you really get to learn and get involve in the wine world, the accomodation is fantastic and the town is beatiful I spend much of my days running by the side of the Rhein river.

1 mes atrás

Melanie respondido

Thanks for the great help.... super fast picker🙃

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Working at Weingut Ardesia was a fantastic experience! It was hard work but very rewarding at the end of the day getting to know and spend time with the other workers and Melanie and Lorenzo’s lovely family. Expect to work closer to 6-8 hours a day, but the scenery and comaraderie makes it well worth it. Bacharach is a beautiful town, and we even got to have a wine tasting at the end of our stay to try the various wines they have been working on. Would definitely recommend.

2 meses atrás

Melanie respondido

Thanks for the Great help. But on your Part resisteancy you need to work a Bit. 🍷🍷

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