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We believe that a child’s future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience as those who have go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participated in early learning education – learning how to get along in groups, work under teacher supervision, etc. They also receive encouragement to express their feelings and ideas through building, dancing, and drawing, playing, singing and speaking. And thus, at the end of their pre-school years, they have become more competent pupils and will be more advanced in some of their abilities and be ready to master their new environment in primary and secondary education.We are located at Sanawari village -Arusha. We hope that through volunteers support we can save and give lighter through education to our children for future and other generation.

My name is Marko Silas and am work with White Rose Organization and i'm volunteer coordinator as my position. The volunteer stay to our host family for all of their time they help our NGO and online stuff and in host family they get an opportunity to learn our culture and try variety Tanzania dishes. A volunteer can teach/work 4 -5 hours per day. Our volunteer need to have volunteer visa which allow them to work in community activities. And it's possible to get Volunteer visa upon you arrival at Kilimajaro International Airport (J.R.O). During your in classroom you will be assist with a resident teacher and help you to translate Swahili to English so he/she will give full of cooperation. On Friday it's known as sport day you will get an opportunity to be closed and more friendly with children's by playing and introduce different games. For a first day it could be orientation day, You will see how do they teach and they will show how you can teach and cooperate together to make easy for children's to understand. Tomorrow you will start with a resident teacher to cooperate together to teach and after that stuff they will give a timetable to know time and subject you can teach and which resident teacher you will be with him.

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I had a great experience overall. Congepta and her family are absolutely amazing and I felt like home with them.
I had the chance to take part in different projects and meet very nice people, and I really liked being with the children. Their energy is amazing 😍
There are little things that need to improve regarding organisation, especially at the library, but the rest was very enjoyable.
I really recommend to everyone. I will have a hard time when I leave because I lived many beautiful experiences.
Asanteni sana to everyone! Nakupenda! ❤️

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Going to Arusha was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!
Marko is really nice and helpful!
My host family was the best, I was provided with good food and safe facilities to stay in.
Being around the children was really good and that area really needs more volunteers to help!
I wish I’d stayed longer, two weeks was not enough.

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If you want to meet people and have fun this is your place. Thankyou Marko, Samson, Conjepta and lolita for making me feel like home. I had the opportunity of doing a lot of things not only in one place and that was cool, the library was the best place to teach and the orphanage the best place to give and receive love. Asante sana Rafiki. Now I have a familia in Arusha!

hace 7 meses



Going to Africa to volunteer with the white rose org has been one of the best experiences in my life. I can't thank enough for everything, there are so many things you can choose to do that you can have multiple experiences in schools, projects, teaching, etc. Marko is an amazing person to work with who is always there when I need it working until the end with us for the kids, the host family was very nice and welcoming. I feel very grateful for find this NGO, meeting Marko, all the kids, the host family, the volunteers and all the people who are like family. Asante Sana love you all ❤🇹🇿

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My experience as a volunteer with White Rose Organization was amazing. I have no words. My host family (conjepta and her sisters and mother) was amazing and i felt at home form the beginning. They were really friendly and caring and the best cookers ever.
The school (sammena school) was amazing. I love every moment at the school with the kids and the teacher. I really recommend it

hace 10 meses

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