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PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply 4 weeks before you would like to start. Do not apply with mates or if you're a couple. We only take solo travelers. Do not apply if you have not read the description. We will know. If you ignore any of the first 3 rules, we will reply with just a :) WE ARE A PARTY HOSTEL! We are looking for some hostel ninjas to come and join our team and help to make this a kick ass hostel experience for our guests. Your ninja skills will require you to be quick, fast thinking and fun! Duties will include cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, making beds and doing laundry, but most importantly engaging with guests. Chat with them, have a drink with them, maybe lead a pub crawl if you're keen. See below for specific positions. 1. Cleaners!!!. We are after someone who absolutely loves cleaning showers, toilets and bathrooms in general. I know you're out there. 2. WE NEED A PARTY NINJA. SOMEONE WHO CAN ENTERTAIN THE GUESTS, EVEN ON THE QUIET NIGHTS. MUST BE OVER 21, HAVE SOME GAMES OR IDEAS UP THEIR SLEEVES AND KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN. 3. General duties. Making beds, sweeping, laundry, checking in guests. 4. Someone that can build or fix things. We have a couple of projects from time to time. 5. An artist. We have so many blank walls here that need some life. As long as it fits with our theme, you can do your thing. 6. A photographer. We need someone who is handy with camera and wants to capture all those crazy moments in here. And if you have good social media skills, then you are the one we need. Write the word Pineapple in your first message to us. Failure to do so will result in a :) reply. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a social person DO NOT apply here. This is a very social hostel and we have no place for shy or introverted ninjas. We will ask you to leave if we feel like you are not confident. Also, do not apply 4 weeks before you would like to start. All applicants applying early will just receive a :) in response. We only accept solo travelers. No couples, no groups, just SOLO travelers. You can stay for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks :) Let me know if you have any questions. Don't forget the pineapple.

I have traveled for 14 years and know how I want guests to feel while they are here and long after they leave. We have a team of 5 locals that help with all the admin side. We need Ninjas (volunteers) that love people, that will put the guest first. In return you will get discounted drinks, basic breakfast, free pub crawls and so.


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this experience is great if you’re looking for a very full on place. the combination of hours and work required with the amount of events and partying the hostel does isn’t balanced. the managers expect the highest standards from volunteers who are working a lot of hours in a party hostel. the facilities and rooms are okay but the hostel has a bed bug problem and 3 rooms had bed bugs during my stay. the other volunteers there are great tho and you will meet amazing people, you’ll just also work a lot. also zagreb isn’t a great city to do much in the day in.

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Mi experiencia en el wwwhostel fue increíble , el hostel está buenísimo si queres conocer gente de todo el mundo. Se crea una relación hermosa con los otros voluntarios, te hacen sentir como en casa, estoy feliz de haberlos elegido.

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WWW hostel was a complete experience! I had fun, I learned a lot, met a lot of people! They respect hours and us as well! I loved to be a ninja 😊

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An amazing social atmosphere where you will make loads of friends, work is easy and it’s in a really good location to visit Zagreb. It is a party hostel so it will get lively at night time and will be chill during the day time which gives you nice time to do work and studies and party at the same time.

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Incredible experience!

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Perfecto para ti si estás buscando