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Coming to stay with us is a great oportunity to get to know Valparaiso, from an unique spot in the city, that has amazing views of the city, a cool enviroment and sutainable design, it is also 5 minutes away from the downtown (walking) and 20 minutes away from the main touristic area. We invite you to be a part of our friendly team, get to know guests from all over the world and stay in a reused - reacontitioned container. We acomodate our volunteers in the hotel rooms (two people max per room), every room is an independent unit with a private bathroom and a small kitchen, that conects to a big terrace with a wide view of the city and the ocean.

We are a hotel, made with recycled shipping containers, placed in a residencial hill of Valparaiso (A city declared a world heritage site). The spirit from the beggining was to create awarness by building a project based on sustainable practices, using recycled materials an methods, and also incorporating a wine concept, wanting to educate locals and foreigners about chilean wine, in a accesible and more relaxed way, that's why we have a small on site winery and also work with local producers (wineries) promoting their products and turism programms. Most of our team members are "porteños" (people that has been born and raised in Valparaiso) and fairly new porteños (my partner and I have been living in the city for 12-10 years). Everyone is very friendly and eager to get to know people from different places and backgrounds.

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Estuve 2 semanas en el hotel Winebox y opte por irme una semana antes de lo debido por los incendios de la quinta región, destacó a todo el staff por ser simpaticos y muy colaborativos, además de que la habitación era amplia y muy linda.
Sin embargo había situaciones que no eran las más adecuadas, como trabajar a oscuras durante el incendio sin señal ni luz, sumado a fuertes vientos (se trabaja en la terraza). Además de los incendios, algunas experiencias y observaciones (hacía los jefes) me llevo a tomar la decisión de dejar el voluntariado antes de lo planeado.

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It sorrows me to say, like most volunteers, we left 2 weeks early. It was made clear to us after our first shift that the host is not attentive to their business or volunteers. There is no structure for volunteers or staff. We were the chef, bartender, hosts and cleaners. We increased our improvise, adapt, overcome skills. & had to Google recipes. The lovely and amazing staff helped us where they could but were clearly lost on instruction as well. No fault of their own. They trying to keep the business running. Staff was asked to stay during fire evacuation orders. Disappointing but the truth

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The winebox was an interesting experience, the staff is amazing! They are really cool guys and you can learn a lot from them, the only problem is that the owners tend to be not that helpful, and they decide the work for the volunteers, so you end up beeing responsable for a small restaurant, a bar and a bunch of stuff that non of us really know how to do. The private room its amaizing, pretty cool and cozy. I will recomend it for a few weeks of caotic fun

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Nuestra experiencia en Wine box fue buena, los chicos del staff son amables y están dispuestos a ayudar, el espacio de la habitación es bastante acogedor y cómodo . Sin embargo, en muchas ocasiones no se respetaron las horas establecidas de trabajo y se presentaba un trato desde los superiores al staff que no era el mejor, lo cual nos generó disgusto. Así mismo, sentimos que hace falta una inducción adecuada a las tareas a realizar.

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Maybe because I was there during the busiest season, I had a just ok experience at Winebox. The staff is very welcoming and the rooms/food provided are really nice!! But the biggest problem was that I often had to work 1hr extra each shift with no compensation. I felt treated more like a free employee than a volunteer specifically by the owners, who were disorganized and uncommunicative. They told us only 1 day in advance that during NYE they had rented out our rooms! All the volunteers had to stay for 2 nights in the owners house! Overall I felt a little disappointed with the expectations.

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