Wonbin Safari Hostel

Volunteers can help in simple jobs like Check ins and Check outs, Guest Interaction, Paintings, Animal Care (We have a lot of camels). We are also opening a new Artistic Cafe on the rooftop you can help to build that place if you have some artistic vision. You can also help us in managing our website and social media. If you're a photography lover, you can do some photography for us. You can also teach some language basics to our staff. There are so many ways to contribute - we just want you to be happy. You can play music, learn cooking, enjoy desert life here with us. Jaisalmer is a nice place where you can have a great time as an open-minded volunteer. You can experience the Indian culture, see all the beautiful places of this city, cities and villages around. Enjoy the long distance desert views, the beautiful city, great food, the markets, Rickshaw and Indian Railway rides and much much more. I can also provide some free camel safari if you would like to get that great experience.

My name is Talab Khan and I am from a small desert village in Jaisalmer and running a hostel (Safari Jaisalmer) and an artistic cafe right next to the Jaisalmer Fort. We have our own Camel Safari and Desert Safari Camping Tours so we need help for our hostel and tours. With 10 minutes walking you can reach the market and with 15 minutes you can reach the Gadisar Lake, which is an amazing place with such a great view to enjoy the sunset. We also organize desert-safari and if you volunteer and would like to join it's possible as well. We provide you food and accommodation in return for your help with computers, internet and speaking with guests and making sure they are happy. Nothing difficult. We speak Hindi, English and Korean languages. We are looking for volunteers to help us with simple stuff. We would like you to help us answering the emails of any kind, tourist emails asking about bookings, about pick up service and things like that. We would like you to check on the computer any upcoming new booking, so that we know who and when people are arriving, which country they are from etc. When people arrive in the hostel it would be nice if you help us with the check in stuff like passport and visa photocopies, writing the check-in information book and showing the guests their rooms. We would also really like if you keep socializing with guests and make them feel comfortable. We also want some volunteers to help us with making our place look more beautiful through Wall Painting/graffiti and Crafts. We will love to have anyone who can draw some cartoons and write beautiful quotes around here. You should help us for 4/5 hours each day but we are flexible. You are happy, we are happy! Don't be shy, we are a big family and I'm sure we will spend a great time together. Happy To Meet, Life Is Mama Mia ------------ We have an Artistic Cafe at our Rooftop, you can help us out there. Or you can help us in our Hostel. Thank You for giving time to read this. Message us to know more. Enjoy Life. Happy Life.

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