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Horas por semana
Ayuda y colabora solo por algunas horas a la semana.
Turno Nocturno
Ayuda con las tareas nocturnas y haz el lugar más relajante para todos.
Mano de Cocina
Ayuda a preparar, terminar y servir comidas.
Ayuda con los check-ins, check-outs y atiende a los huéspedes.
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Días libres por semana
Un tiempo libre para explorar la cuidad o descansa un rato.
Habitación privada
Tendrás una cama en un cuarto privado. Sí, un cuarto solo para ti.
Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.
Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.
Recibe ayuda del equipo de soporte Worldpackers si la necesitas en cualquier etapa de tu viaje.
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Anfitriones verificado
Este anfitrión ha sido verificado por nuestro equipo antes de unirse a la comunidad.
Seguro Worldpackers
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La Experiencia

Casa Rovai Guest House is a place of a family atmosphere, quiet and cozy. Ideal for the volunteer who is looking for a quiet place to stay in Florence while helping us with check-in and reception tasks / breakfast also.

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  • Inglés Intermedio
  • Más de 23 años

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

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Quédate al menos
4 semanas

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my experience at Casa Rovai was very positive. the work is very easy and STEFANIA is kind and friendly. my experience was better than I imagined. the hotel is in the center of the beautiful city of Firenze. Thank you for everything Stefania, it was a pleasure to meet you, to be able to help you.



Well my experience in Casa Rovai wasn’t what I expected. I had confirmed and double-checked my trip, we arranged to meet the day before i should start working and everything.
When i arrived she told me she was going to Japan for a month, that i was going to stay in charge of the hostel but that she was scared of leaving me alone. So she said that she preferred someone close to the owner’s family to manage the hostel and that it was better for me not to work there. I write this because i think the situation was badly handled. She could have told me before i arrived to the place.


Stefania respondido

Nacho, I'm surprised by your review. You had said that you'd arrive one day before in the city, but not that you'd sleep here in the Guest House. Because we were with another volunteer who would leave only the next day. Unfortunately, we have no place to receive two volunteers at the same time.
I had already explained to you before you come that you should work alone because I would be out on vacation. But unfortunately when you got here I explained everything about the job and realized that you didn't feel confidence to do it. So I thought it wouldn't be a good idea you stay here and I tried to help you offering another opportunity to volunteer in a hostel in Genoa, which suit your profile. But you didn't want to and just left. I'm so sorry for what happened, but I tried to do the best for you. I hope you can found good places to stay to learn more about reception job.


The Guest House is very well located in the central Florence, also is very beautiful, clean and cozy. Having a private room is very comfortable and the work is easy to be done everyday. Stefania is super friendly and generous, always ready to help what I need. Thank you for everything, Stefania! I'll be back soon for sure!



I wouldn't know where to start to describe my short experience at Casa Rovai, as it was a wonderful stay, which gave me the chance to know both new places and new people.
Stefania is an amazing host, very friendly and professional, she's always ready to help you gain new skills and pursue your own interests, all the while sharing her own experiences and perspectives.
The staff is incredibly nice and willing to make you feel welcome.
By choosing Casa Rova you'll learn how relate to people, while being able to explore the whole city that is definitely worth visiting.
Highly recommended!


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