Help us to manage our Guesthouse and apartments meeting Sevilla!

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El intercambio

We need helpers assisting the cleaning and preparation of our apartments. The main duty there is help carrying the dirty linen to the apartments and viceversa with the clean ones, throw the garbage into the containers and take them out on the street, and help in the disinfection and preparation of the apartments. In the Guesthouse we need some help in the cleaning of the kitchen and assistance to guests. Also, some maintenance duties in both.

Que ofreces

25 Horas de ayuda por semana

Limpieza: Ayuda a limpiar la cocina, dormitorios, baños y áreas comunes.

Turno Nocturno: Ayuda con las tareas nocturnas y haz el lugar más relajante para todos.

Mano de Cocina: Ayuda a preparar, terminar y servir comidas.

Recepción: Ayuda con los check-ins, check-outs y atiende a los huéspedes.

Que obtienes

3 dias libres por semana

Habitación del equipo: Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otras personas.

Desayuno: Tienes derecho a desayunos gratis cada día de tu estadía.

Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.: Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.

Clases de Yoga: Toma clases de yoga gratis en nuestro espacio.

Clases de danza: Toma clases de baile gratis en nuestro espacio.

Utilice nuestra cocina equipada: Siéntete libre de usar nuestra cocina y preparar tu comida deliciosa.


Español Fluído o Inglés Intermedio

Más de 23 años

Admite voluntarios solos (no admite parejas o dúos)

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

Programa detallado

The offical schedule is to work one week 4 days in a row and rest 3 days one week and the other work 3 days in a row and rest 4, making turns with your mate (you will be always two sharing the room). Ypu will be able to agree any arrangment about this shifts between you and the other worldpacker, for us is ok if we have always one of you working.

We need you to be fully available, in your work shifts, between 08:30 and 14:00, and able to answer some requests of the guest during the whole afternoon and evening (and being able to be at the guesthouse or apartments in less than 30 minutes). During the night is something similar but being in the guesthouse, mainly in your room resting or sleeping,in case an emergency occurs, (Is very unusual).

Actividades & Turnos

Tipically a work shift will happen in 24 hours between 08:30 in the morning till the next day, but not really 24 hours work. The ficed duties are to help in the cleaning and preparation of the apartments (mainly carrying the dirty towels and sheets out of the apartments and bringing the clean ones, manage the garbage and help the cleaning and maintenance staff, during the morning, both in the guesthouse an the apartments, and give suport in apartments check-ins, During the rest of the day you should not be specifically needed for anything in particular, more than do some grocery shopping and take out trash cans on the street, and most of the time you will be able to study, read, go to our gym (or do sport on your own), being with your laptop, being just available if something happens.


The night you work the night shift, it is mandatory to be at the hostel from 22:00 to 08:30, except to attend to an emergency in the apartments. You will always have the support of our colleagues.