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My experience at the Mosaic Home was awesome! The girls that work there are super friendly and helpful, the hosts are really nice and polite. The job was quite easy, I only had to be there for late checkins and I helped the girls with some cleaning and laundry, so the rest of the time I'd just hang out with them in the garden (which I loved). The hostel is in a good location, it's clean, organized and cool, the vibe there is just amazing! I had a great time! I'm gonna miss them all :)

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Stay in the Mosaic home it was my first experience in worldpackers and I'm so glad for this!
The team for the hostel make a great team and they are wonderful people and very adaptable at your situation. I recommend to work with them and visit Albania.
Albania it's a beautiful country and have a lot to discover.

The unic bad thing that I don't enjoy the experience 100% it was because the hostel it was a little empty. But that it's for the pandemic situation...

I'll be back to Albania. I'm sure!!!

hace 3 meses

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