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its a nice experience working in possible nepal.. but school was closed few days, but kapil works continuously in his project.. i went to meet few kids in their schools and home, i met them and i did a video for social media about the project taking care of possible nepal..

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Kapil respondido

Thank you very much for your help.



Mr. Kapil and his family is very accommodating. They provided good food and a cozy place. In regards to the activity, nothing much happened because he was studying for his mater's exam. However, he was managed to dropped us at Shree Phutung Secondary School where you can teach English. It was a good experience and this organization needed volunteers to help specially with their water project and scholarship for kids who wants to pursue their dreams.

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My time with Possible Nepal was enjoyable. The volunteer room is cozy and has fast Wi-Fi. I went to the Phutung School to teach students English. The orphanage was not active. Therefore not much to do overall. However, I spent much time in the village and in Kathmandu itself. An excellent choice to volunteer if there are lots of children around.

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I love Possible Nepal and i would like to come back soon! Kapil, its great guy that cares of all them and i admire the way how he does this with so much love. The kids seems very distant at the beginning but once you begin to work and talk with them they are really funny and very Smart!

Kids are the seeds of the future so lets help them in all the ways that we can! Waheguruuu

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I had an overall amazing time and experience with Possible Nepal, the kids are truly the most hardworking, funny, playful and at times serious I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They have a set routine that you join in with and you'll find it strange at first that Sunday is a school and work day. But there are some areas to improve upon for volunteers for example the sleeping accommodation you will share with bed bugs not the nicest of things but remember you're there for them not for you. Be prepared for power cuts and the wifi dropping it's all part of life in Phutung.

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Unfortunately it wasn't a good experience and I left the second day. Since the beginning the host was asking me for money as donation, it wasn't written when i applied, but he insisted the whole first day, so I gave it. The first day in the orphanage with the kids was really good, but the second day, that I was supposed to teach english at the school, the host left and told me to negotiate with the principle to give some classes, but he didn't know I was coming to teach, so I waited at school for hours without having a class or explanation, and the host didnt help. It was so unorganized!

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Volunteering for Possible Nepal was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I cannot deny that it was hard for me at first, but believe me, these kids are so smart, intelligent and the most importnat, polite.
My job as a volunteer was to walk the kids to and from school, help with their homework, play together at their freetime and showing them movies on my laptop, and they liked the movies very much!
Possible Nepal is a great place to volunteer for. They need each hand that can help to raise these children in an appropriate way, and if you already applied, you'll have so much fun!

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