De Nijmeegse StadsNomaden

We are a group of friends who believe ecological practices and community living go hand in hand. We like to share food, do firecamps and have fun together. Our way of living is kind of nomadic, as we live in traillers, caravans and campers, and we are now for almost one year based in a terrain that has not being used for many years. We can move anytime to other terrain, so better to us is to build stuff that are mobile and easily movable.

We work together to clean the terrain, build stuff, fix stuff and do some events like the eating cafe and workshops. We sometimes welcome persons that are interested in engaging in any project with us, building stuff and making good things from the enormous ammount of recyclable materials we have. Here you would be part of the family, so we expect that you feel good and relaxed here as we are.

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This place is great, they all are very sharing and welcoming. You'll get to meet a lot of people and have many good talks and experiences. There's always something going on at the Stadsnomaden! We made friends and learnt a lot about this village, the area is lovely.

13 days ago



Dear Tim, Tijn, Guille, Alex, Bob, Max, Achsa and everyone
We loved meeting you, talking and eating with you. It was a great experience that allowed us to learned about your country, about you guys but also about ourselves. A lot of introspection at Stads Nomaden, interesting and powerful energy.
You made us feel welcome, accepted as vegans and as a couple, thank you so much for that.
Painting the rainbow house was satisfying, it made us happy to see you guys happy. We had the best time and we would love to come back to visit you guys.
Mi casa su casa. See you soon!

26 days ago



One of the most incredible places I've ever been, I just have to be grateful for so much and everything I've lived, for all the hugs and laughs. It's a place parallel to reality and I definitely want to go back.

9 months ago

Diva replied

You’re always welcome Maria! Thanks for your delicious food and your amazing spirit. :)



Without doubt my time at Stadsnomaden was an experience I'll never forget! While
the physical place itself is a beautiful haven bursting with creative energy, the people there are what makes it so special. From philosophical conversations over a beautiful meal made with love, to playing music and practicing yoga, to the good morning hugs and the good night laughter, to the meaningful connections and the warm atmosphere. It's beautiful! Also, the work here is mainly independent so be prepared to have some initiative to make a difference at the community.🤘🤘

11 months ago



I loved the golden mornings there, and the slow sunsets too.
I loved the pulsing creativity, the chaotic energy, the messy, philosophical conversations too.
Things will happen here; a phoenix will rise out of scrap wood, meals will be cooked, (beautiful meals too!), the kitchen will be a mess one minute, rain and mud everywhere, but it will all be alright, the sun will shine and the place will be alive and well again.
One can only learn to let go, be a little patient.
I came looking for characters and a life lived boldly and oddly. Stads Nomaden is that, and much more!
Truly, dank je!

12 months ago

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