De Nijmeegse StadsNomaden

We are a group of friends who believe ecological practices and community living go hand in hand. We like to share food, do firecamps and have fun together. Our way of living is kind of nomadic, as we live in traillers, caravans and campers, and we are now for almost one year based in a terrain that has not being used for many years. We can move anytime to other terrain, so better to us is to build stuff that are mobile and easily movable.

We work together to clean the terrain, build stuff, fix stuff and do some events like the eating cafe and workshops. We sometimes welcome persons that are interested in engaging in any project with us, building stuff and making good things from the enormous ammount of recyclable materials we have. Here you would be part of the family, so we expect that you feel good and relaxed here as we are.

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I had an awesome experience at the stadsnomaden. They are a nice group of people and each one of them has their own strong personality who makes the group amazing. I had the opportunity to stay a good amount of time there, learn a lot with them and see the new place grow. They are the kind of people who you’ll not forget easily.
If you are in the Netherlands and want a unique, amazing experience you should come help them in their community. All of the days can be busy, they are always doing something to help the new place develop.

You all have a big place in my heart. Thank you. <3

2 months ago


Three months ago i visited this place, now everything is different. They are, a group of friends or a family who live together and see the life in a different way. Find a place like Stats nomad was really important for me and i ll be always thankful each person there.

A magical environment wich works with solar power, a crazy circle tent full of intruments, hammocks between trees, amazing fireplaces (really love them), a quite smart and protector Murmel... almost forget the super red shining tractor!

I remenber each one with a big smile, a hug to everyone, and see you later!

about 1 year ago



about 1 year ago


I was at StadsN. last Sept. giving some little dance workshops and it was a revealing experience for me. They are a big family with a well structured eco village. They organize artistic events in the middle of an university town so u can meet lots of amazing people in a young atmosphere. I met great people who always were willing to share everything they could.
I'd definitely recommend this place coz it changed my perspective of seeing life, ways of living and relationships. I'd repeat without doubt.
Everyone I met in StadsN. can come to my place. I'll be waiting for u.
Bruna, te quiero

over 1 year ago


Life changing experiance!
From the first day of my arrival I felt like home. I got my own cabin, with gas heating, piano and much more funny stuff. I could just stay and keep reading books or playing music instruments, but .... outside is even better!
My days where always busy, but never forced or boring! I could do just what I want, there is endless possibilities... So,with my help we have build a toilet and even started shower room! All from recycled materials!
The "living room cabin" is a temple of filosofy and crazy cooking.
Definitely will visit this magical place again, soon!

over 2 years ago

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