Guest House in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima is a great place to start to become familiar with Japanese language, customs and marvels. People who live in Hiroshima are one of the most friendly people in Japan, they love to communicate with foreign people from all over the world. Some local people often stop at our hostel and talk to the guests. It's really common to exchange culture in Hiroshima!

Type of help: We are looking for volunteers that can stay a minimum of one month or longer
Cleaning is around approximately 2 - 3 hours a day, 4 days a week.
FYI, If you are planning to stay longer than one month, paid work is also available :) Please reach out!
Reception work (for long stay volunteers) would be about 3-4 hours a day, 5 days per week!

*PLEASE NOTE that if you have a Tourist visa you will not be able to join us. Let us know if you have a Working Holiday Visa, a Working visa or a Student visa since these will allow you to work legally in Japan.

We are always welcome for new members to our team! We stay, work, and often eat together. If you are a person who loves to socialize with new people from all over the world, here is the best place :) Santiago Guesthouse has branches in Kyoto and Naha(Okinawa). Volunteers with experience in the Santiago group can be given priority. Would you like to visit three popular cities in Japan.

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I originaly planed to only stay two months here and in Japan in gereral. But my time here was so amazing that i'm still here and will stay in Japan for a year. I was able to make a lot of new friends and I feels like we are one big family, sometimes even going on trips and having dinner together. I was taught how to cook japanes food by a long term japanes guest. And whenever i struggeld with all the bureaucracy in Japan my Colleges where there to help.

about 1 month ago



It was a nice experience to stay at Santiago Guest House because you have so much time to travel. You have 3 days off a week and can ask for flexible holiday if you want to have some days in a row off. The people there are communicativ and want to hang out, you will meet many other international travelers. However, the beds you sleep in are very dark and you sleep with many other people in a dorm. Be aware that you don't really have privacy. Additionally, the guest house doesn't provide the best and especially not environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, which I find a bit sad.

2 months ago



My plan was to stay only 3 months in Santiago Guesthouse but at the end I decided to stay for six months! Everyone is super welcoming and you get to know a lot of people from other places. Also the work is super easy, just a few hours a day and you always have the option to change days if you want to do a longer trip somewhere else.
Santiago really became a family on my time here, and made me enjoy Hiroshima and it’s surroundings.
Would love to be back some time in the future :)

4 months ago

United Kingdom


I originally planned to stay at this guesthouse for around a month but have ended up staying much longer! It’s a lovely group of people, we plan things to do together and it just has a lovely atmosphere.

The work is easy, It’s four days a week and it starts from 11am. It does depend on how many people are working each day and how much needs to get done but the latest I’ve ever worked until is 2.30. There’s also a schedule which is pretty flexible so if things need to change people are very accommodating.

I’ve found a really lovely base and group of people!!

5 months ago

New Zealand


Enjoyed my stay at Santiago! The staff are friendly and I felt welcomed by everyone:) Working for around a couple of hours a day gives you the perfect chance to explore Hiroshima!

5 months ago

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