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- The climate of Kakuma is semi desert full of pests like spider and scorpion. - At Kakuma it rains heavily with damage. - During rain period, it is appears a seasonal river called "Laga". - Often the year can be characterized by the sun followed by dust. - The host community of Kakuma has a specific culture where people walk naked without even underwear. - Kakuma refugee camp is unique as it is the first refugee camp in the world composed by refugees from many nationalities.

- I am simple and don't have behavior to bragging myself. I want to hear more than speaking and finally I like confidentiality. - My staffs are recruited from PDRI members as people from outside may request motivation and we are appointing people to different positions like Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Cashier, Auditor according to their qualifications which should be related to the post. Our staffs are selected from different nationalities and we respect gender balance. - Once arrived, the volunteer will have full security as the place of logging is well secured. As states our second objective, PDRI is fighting against all kind of discrimination. This means that despite divergences of all kinds, all of us are human-beings and deserve human treatment.

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