Be our environmentalist assistant!

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The experience

To define environmental awareness we must need Environmentalist. Create Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Promoting environmental awareness is an easy way to become an environmental steward and participate in creating a brighter future for our children.

What you offer

20 hours of help per week

Social Work: Help with volunteer work in local projects and communities.

Farming: Plant crops, sow seeds and help in outside tasks.

Gardening: Help grow plants and cultivate gardens

What you get

2 days off per week

Private Room: You will have a bed in a private room. In other words, a room just for you.

Breakfast: You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.

Lunch: You are entitled to a free lunch, every day of your stay.

Dinner: You are entitled to a free dinner, every day of your stay.

Language lessons: Take free language classes at our place.

Permaculture Course: Take part in our Permaculture course for free.

Certificate: Get a certificate of completion after you finish your experience.


Fluent English or Intermediate Spanish

Over 21 years old

Accepts solo applications and also couples and pairs

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

The role of an environmentalist can be both challenging and rewarding. The work of an environmentalist is not confined to only indoors. Each and every environmentalist tries to make the world a better place through campaigns and research works. They also have to step outside their workplace and try to educate others about the importance of green issues and how it can make a huge difference in the lives of everyone. Environmentalists may also associate themselves with local and international programs such as Friends of Nature, Greenpeace, and Worldchanging. A wide range of eco-projects may also be initiated in their communities such as park clean ups, farmers’ markets, and recycling drives while front ending efforts to back future green efforts.

Activities & Shift

Help the public make decisions about how we use natural resources and interact with our surroundings. Through research, publications and lobbying, these professionals distribute information on the current and future condition of our environment. Environmentalists teach college students environmental science and related subjects.