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So many things were not really as advertised. Housing and food were supposed to be free but once we arrived we found ourselves having to buy: mosquito netting , sheets and pillows for the room and pay for other things. Often we had to buy food because it was no cooked for us. At the project the volunteers have no real role and the leaders were not clear about that. In general our work has never been respected and we saw a very strong attachment to money and a consequent devaluation of our physical effort and jobs. this review is on behalf of myself and my boyfriend who travel with me.

26 days ago



It was a wonderful experience. I learn more than I teach to the children !! People at the village are very kind and friendly. The children, I have never seen children so nice and lovely. They are so happy to see you and spend time with you, it's unforgettable !!! I really recommend this volunteering .

10 months ago



The whole experience is priceless and unforgettable. Not as much as you see Tanzania, but as much as you are surrounded by culture, because I have the opportunity to live a full local life. I am also blessed with great love from the community those around me! If you have ever dreamed of volunteering at a the community with children, then this option is perfect!❤️

about 1 year ago



Purtroppo devo dire che l'esperienza è stata molto deludente. Ci sono state varie scorrettezze nei nostri confronti, abbiamo pagato per lenzuola, cuscini e addirittura la zanzariera nella nostra stanza perché non era ancora pronta e abbiamo dovuto comprarle. Varie volte la persona incaricata di fornirci i pasti ci ha lasciato senza mangiare. Tante delle cose che sono assicurate (ad esempio le lezioni di kiswahili) non sono presenti. Il nostro lavoro è il nostro impegno è stato sempre svalutato e mi è sembrato che gli host volessero da noi solo i soldi. Zero importanza ai rapporti umani!

28 days ago

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