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The farm is situated in a less touristic yet beautiful part of the Himalayas. Surrounded by fields, forests, birds and wildlife. We provide a friendly environment to learn about permaculture/regenerative farming while immersed in traditional Nepali village lifestyle. There are plenty of chances to contribute and share your skills in interesting development projects around the farm. Our specialty crop is coffee. But you'll also find varieties of citrus fruits , Guava, Nepal hug plum, Mulberry, Sichuan pepper, Cardamom, native trees, herbs and many more. Opportunity for great travel experiences in rural Nepal. There are many village tours, mountain hikes, Buddhist and Hindu cultural sites and surreal views of the Himalayas.

We are a group of motivated people, Deepa and Thomas, Beemal, Dinesh and Ramesh, who love farming and want to make positive changes in our surrounding villages by permaculture farming As a volunteer you will be treated like a family member and valued guest. We take pride in building a good relationship with our volunteers and providing a fun mutual learning and cultural exchange. We provide varied, fresh and organic foods from our own garden or local sources. We love to serve coffee, herbal teas and hibiscus that are grown on the farm as well!

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I spend 3 weeks at the farm and I truly enjoyed my time here.
All the staff members are caring, motivated to teach and to meet new volunteers.
The accomodation is really nice, the view outside is stunning , and the food is delicious (especially the Dhal Bat)!

1 mês atrás

Thomas respondeu

Emeline has all the qualities we can wish for as a host. Passionate about culture, language and to meet with local people. Her approach created a great cultural exchange for all of us.

Her interest in farming and dedication to work makes the time productive and full of learning. We appreciate the kind help with household chores also outside work schedule.
Thank you very much for your nice contribution Emeline bhaini !



I had an amazing time at Biloba Organic Farm. Deepa and the staff took really good care of me. I had some issues with the food, and they tried their best to help me with this situation. Regarding the job, it took a few days to break the ice with the guys with whom I was working with (since I was the only volunteer for a couple of days) but it was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. The job in the farm was mainly physical: helping to build a wall, watering plants, etc. I really enjoyed it! I would recommend 100% Biloba Farm to anyone!

3 meses atrás

Thomas respondeu

I have been away from the farm this period and couldn't meet Carme in person, but all the others confirm that Carme is a very friendly, helpful, understanding, calm and easy person to host. She is an experienced traveller and adapted very fast and easily into our local environment and farm routines.



I had a really good time here at the farm and it was nice to get some extra grass cutting skills. The farm it self is super beautiful. It is nice to see how everything grows and what it all takes to grow things. Deepa felt like a mom, her hospitality was on point! Also the rest of the team was very welcoming. Tougher with the other volunteers it felt as a big familie!

4 meses atrás

Thomas respondeu

Mei-lin is very easy to host, always ready and well prepared to help out with all the different tasks on the farm. She is not afraid to try new things and tried her hands at tasks like cutting grass with sickle, mulching, tree care, turning compost, sorting coffee and more. All performed very well . Her nice nature and attitude, that she is very open and friendly, very curios and intressted in the local culture here, made us having a great time and a wonderful exchange.



First of all I would like to say thank to Worldpackers to give a opportunity to see the world In different ways that what I have seen before.
So the Biloba Farm is was incredible and fantastic atmosphere the people in the farm was very nice the Owner Thomas and the employees there are so nice the work here it was perfect sometimes hard work sometimes chill and relax also the view here is amazing and I had met another volunteers there very incredible people I had learned a lot so grateful to choose here for my first time Volunteers .

5 meses atrás

Thomas respondeu

Pod stayed with us in October on our "study" program, working 3 hours daily and studied the rest of the time.

Pod is a extremely easy person to have around as he is very friendly, calm, honest, polite and will do any work given without hesitation.

It's been a great pleasure for us to have you at the farm Pod. We had a wonderful cultural exchange also learning a lot about Thailand. Pod is an aspiring English teacher, a certified diver and a great chess player!

On his last days he volunteered in the nearby moonestary teaching sports and about the ocean, underwater world, to the monk students there.

Thank you very much Pod bhai for your nice contribution in our community.



I spent 2 wonderful weeks in Biloba Farm. Thomas, Deepa, and all the others on the farm were more than welcoming and made me feel at home from the moment I stepped into the village and farm. I was surrounded by the nicest bunch of people all throughout my volunteering experience, learned a lot about nature and plants on the farm and around the area, and was able to truly experience and learn about Nepali culture and customs. This experience has been incredibly precious to me, and will always remain dear to my heart. Big thank you to everyone! Sending love, Ruta

5 meses atrás

Thomas respondeu

Ruta is an experienced volunteer and she slipped very fast and smoothly into our routines.

She would try her hands at any given tasks. Cutting grass, weeding, mulching, feeding plants, sorting coffee, picking and processing hibiscus was some of the work she did.

Ruta is sociable, kind and friendly and we had a unique cultural exchange also learning about Latvian culture.

The last day she gave us a big surprise presenting a super nice video of the farm and life here.

Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution Ruta

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