Boreland Lodge Hotel

We're a small hotel just North of Edinburgh. You can get to Edinburgh just 30mins on the train. Volunteers get their own private room with an ensuite or share with another Volunteer we're all like family. We're experienced hosts and are always welcoming volunteers with open arms!

We have 4 staff members here: John and Josie ,Greg and shelbie who are all Scottish. We only speak English (with a very Scottish accent )and try to encourage only English to be spoken whilst on duty. Volunteers are treated with patience and respect. Here you'll be able to improve your English, have lots of free study time, and gain good experience to put on your CV. During your time off you can enjoy the area, discover Edinburgh and travel around Scotland.We are happt to help and support you.

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This was my first volunteer experience and I loved it! Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. It’s not too far from Edinburgh and you have plenty of time off to explore Scotland. Sav, Josie and Gillian are wonderful people. I highly recommend this experience!

4 dias atrás

Reino Unido


Returning to Inverkeithing for a second volunteer programme with the Ukranian guests was a fulfilling experience centered around cleaning tasks. Supported by Sav, Gillian and especially Josie, the dedicated staff, we worked together to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Despite the focus on cleaning, the sense of community and the resilience of the guests remained inspiring. The inviting atmosphere and picturesque surroundings added to the meaningfulness of this transformative journey. My 2nd visit offered an opportunity to continue making a difference and strenghen connections.

6 dias atrás



Such a great place that i went back for a second volunteering experience. The town is beautiful and near Edinburgh, amazing people overall and flexibility if u want to travel or visit Scotland.

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Se puede mejorar la comunicación: claridad en las instrucciones y expectativas del trabajo a realizar, ya que se hacía lo que estaba escrito en un documento, pero luego en la práctica se esperaban cosas diferentes. Y el compromiso y organización, en cuanto las tareas a realizar, a pesar de que el trato era bueno, faltó mayor claridad, acogida y guía respecto a los deberes y derechos para los voluntarios. Lo positivo flexibilidad frente a circunstancias y solución de problemas y acceso a parque para recreación, tren para cualquier lugar cercano y ciudad central y mercados cerca.

1 mês atrás

Sav respondeu

Making changes on shifts times in a 4 week stay requesting days off and not wanting to do shifts allocated .
Hosting was a little challenging as not come across so many requests in a short stay .

Other volunteers adapted as did other team members .
But I felt it was unfair on others
Encouraged to speak directly to hosts if any issues arise .
This experience does not suit everyone . The bikes are fixed 3 of them . Thanks for your feed beck always welcome. We wish you well in your ongoing trips



All the work is taught by a member of the team, the team is very receptive! I made great friends around the nature is beautiful! sav the hostess always available to try to help.

2 meses atrás

Sav respondeu

Thank you to a very dedicated caring person . Guests staff and other volunteers really enjoyed his company

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