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Cultural exchange and learning opportunities:
Kyari village is basically a community of farmers who own and work on mango orchards, paddy fields and grow many other organic vegetables and fruits. Being next to a tiger reserve, prospective volunteers here may often have close encounters with a variety of wildlife such as deers, elephants & wild boars etc that roam the forest freely and have a rich birdwatching experience. For a wildlife enthusiast it is an opportunity of a lifetime to experience such an active forest. Since we are the local residents, the volunteers get to experience our village inside out!
Additional benefits:
In their free time a volunteer may go for a wildlife safari in a gypsy van to see the animals inside a protected park. Or he/she can simply sit and chill at the campsite on a swing or a hammock, learn to cook Indian food, read a book on wildlife from our community library or watch the sunset sitting at a river rock. Some mesmerising hill stations of north India like Nainital, Ranikhet & Almora are closeby when you are here. You may also go on a trek or do some charity work at the local school. Public transport has lesser frequency here but it is available.
Help Required:
I need a helping hand with this project in so many ways be it creativity, painting & art work, interior design, content writing, website designing, guest interactions, photography, cooking etc. And may be teaching English to our staff or village kids. We organize outdoor activities, environment & conservation programs for school children, corporate teams, big family and friends groups at the Camp (a permanent campsite) which are typically 2-5 days long. So during these programs we require a convener/ facilitator who could get involved in the programs along with our camp guides to ensure a smooth flow. Our camp schedule includes some soft adventure activities like river walks, cycling, forest hike, team building games and village tour, bird watching, spotting native species of trees and plants, and community services. Volunteers are not expected to conduct the activities alone rather he/she will act as one of the co-facilitator along with our in-house guides.
I have so much of scope here. Apart from this eco resort, we also have a foundation called Kumaon Maati which works in the sector women empowerment and child education in the rural part of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand.

Hi Volunteers, I am Shekhar 1985 born, from village Kyari in Nainital district that lies in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. Our lush green forest with a river flowing next to it experiences pleasant weather all year through specially because of our naturally temperature controlled mud cottages that makes us an unhotel kind of property build on responsible tourism practices. This local community led initiative is located in the outer periphery of Asia’s first national park called Corbett Tiger Reserve. With its scenic beauty, diverse vegetation and mighty Himalayas, Uttarakhand has become one of the prime tourist destinations in India. But that has unfortunately attracted inconsiderate hotels and resorts owned by the city builders with nearly no involvement of locals resulting in cultural and environmental loss. Keeping that in mind, I along with two other partners decided upon developing a low impact space on our family land in the year 2010. The main objective was to create a sustainable enterprise and provide employment to the youth in the village so as to stop their emigration to cities. Today after over a decade of struggle we are well established with about 30% village involved with the camp directly or indirectly. At the Camp, our aim is to seed an alternative form of nature travel that is responsible and contributes to nature conservation and community development. We treat our staff as our own family, so are the volunteers for us.


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Mi experiencia durante una semana en Camp Hornville fue muy linda.
Shekhar fue un increíble anfitrión, desde el momento en que llegué coordinó un taxi para que me recogiera en la estación de buses. Tuvimos charlas muy interesantes y se preocupó porque tuviera una buena estadía durante el voluntariado.
Todo el equipo de Camp fue super amable conmigo.
Durante mi estadía estuve en una habitación privada, el alimento que brindan es delicioso y colaboré con algunas tareas de planillas de excel y datos de huéspedes, recorrí la maravillosa naturaleza que rodea el Camp

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I am extremely thankful for the team at Camp Hornbill for giving me a wonderful home to stay in and teaching me about their Eco-tourism practices. My stay was easy going; they made it clear what they wanted me to do and never expected too much of me.
I would have liked more communication with people on the camp but I realise this was hard as there was a language barrier between us.
Thank you for being such a generous host.

10 meses atrás

Camp Hornbill respondeu

Hi Shane! thanks for choosing camp hornbill for your experience! The reel that you created was amazing! Your videography is good. It would have been great if you had stayed a bit longer.
It's been a bit hectic for me during that time with my house building project, which is still I am sorry that I could not spend time with you at all. The staff over here isn't very comfortable with English.
Actually one of the help that I require from a volunteer is to teach some spoken English to camp staff.
We will have to meet again to create some good content about the experience 😊

Best wishes...Shekhar!

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