Casa da Neuza&Decio

My husband and I live in Rio Grande do Sul state, in the extreme South of Brazil.
We want to improve our English fluency, so come prepared to talk and help us. I'm a retired teacher, but I work part-time at the City Hall. My husband is a Psychologist and loves to work in our garden and at our family farm that is 6 km away. We love to harvest vegetables and fruits from our garden, and enjoy eating them at our dinner table.
We want to take walks, ride bikes and take adventures with you on the Taquari River with our SUP. Our working hours are flexible, so we will have opportunity to hang out a lot, while performing the day-to-day tasks.
We look forward to welcoming you!

We live in a quiet location in the countryside, where we have flexible working hours, and we really want to improve our fluency in English. We want company in the day-to-day tasks. We have a large vegetable garden, many fruit trees, where you can help us with maintenance and care. You can cook with food harvested from our garden. To leave our small farm, the only way to commute is by car, so we would take you to the closest city to use public transportation. Our home is only a 15 minute drive from Lajeado where you can go shopping , eat at restaurants, and many other activities. Porto Alegre is a 100km drive away from our home.

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