Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing

Perched atop a hill amid 90 acres of woods—a deeply spiritual setting—the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing is a sacred space in a busy world, a place of solitude and regeneration. Our mission is to provide a wide range of practices drawn from ancient wisdom, for all levels of interest, in order to cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing in the greatest number of people.

Our programs range from traditional teachings by very high Buddhist lamas to yoga and qi gong to more secular mindfulness-based programs. People also join us on personal retreat. With room for about 30 guests, the experience is always quite intimate, and guests, volunteers and staff mix freely.

Nearby hiking trails provide opportunities for downtime exploration.

With only five in full-time staff, the Dharmakaya Center is largely run by volunteers (me, for instance). Volunteers work as a team, and are treated as family. Benefits include: * Your own private room with shared bath • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our chef (the same amazing vegetarian/vegan food our retreatants eat) • Daily morning group meditation • Opportunity to work directly with a Senior Teacher; weekly dharma talks for the volunteers • Opportunity to participate in parts of our weekend programs (weekends are our busy times, so you will probably be working then, too) The number of longstanding and repeat volunteers we receive speaks to the power of their experience with us.

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If you value peace and want to meet amazing humans from around the world then you are guaranteed to have a fulfilling experience here. If you are someone who is in the midst of prioritizing personal projects while traveling and needing ample time and energy to devote to them, then you may be disappointed.

Go in with an open heart, void of expectations and be yourself; you will leave having grown into a more embodied version.

7 dias atrás



A nice place and wonderful people. I volunteered to build a trail and do maintenance, but they had different priorities. I embraced the changes but decided to leave after a week and offered +week notice (I stayed 16 days). Trevania and Danielle respectfully responded to change, but I stuck to my decision because I was not informed of the changes ahead, and I already spent my time not doing what I applied for. However, the place and people were great, making me glad I helped in one way or another. For that, I like to believe what happened was a mere miscommunication! I still recommend the place

7 dias atrás

Trevania respondeu

Esmaeel, thank you for all the help you provided during our busiest programmatic weeks of the year, and for staying to help us get through that period. Again, I am very sorry that you decided to leave early, as our attention has now turned to the outdoor maintenance and trail-building you were anticipating. This was a great lesson in the value of over-communication for us all. We were sad to see you go, and with you all the best.



My experience at Dharmakaya couldn't have been better... The atmosphere of this place is incredible and light. The place is beautiful in every detail, with several magical places to explore, the food is delicious and it is full of incredible people to meet and spend time with during your volunteer time. The work is very satisfying and the entire team is very flexible. Here I was able to experience kindness, affection, goodness and above all love. I loved meeting each and every one of them and I could feel the love hovering over Dharmakaya in every aspect. I highly recommend it to you as well!

10 dias atrás

Trevania respondeu

Yargo, thank you for these kind words; it was our honor and pleasure to have you with us, and we very much hope to have you back with us very soon.



It is difficult to collect in a few lines what Dharmakaya has given me. From the morning meditations with the soul of the place, Phurpa, to Danielle's management, tireless work, consideration, support, affection... added to an incredible sense of humor. I have reinforced the conviction that hard work, good values as a guide and care for others must undoubtedly be part of any spiritual path that one wants to undertake. This incredible and magical place generates the perfect atmosphere for good introspection and deep personal development, but you must choose to want to do it...

21 dias atrás

Trevania respondeu

Oh Cintia, it is you who absolutely embody all the qualities of the perfect volunteer—taking on even the most daunting tasks with good cheer, a sense of humor , and the knowledge that you gain from an experience what you give it. (and you conquered that stove!). It would give us all the greatest pleasure if you would come see us again some time. Meanwhile, wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

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from my life experiences, and from my own spiritual exploration, I feel the nature of reality is love. the time I spent at Dharmakaya allowed me to experience that reality directly and to learn what it is like to live in a close community of like-minded, warm-hearted beings, in a loving, constructive atmosphere. the moments spent at Dharmakaya also gave me an intimate glimpse into what it feels like to travel this spiritual path together with a family, growing and learning and laughing and washing dishes together. :)

2 meses atrás

Trevania respondeu

Andrew, what a beautiful testament. Thank you for being such a big part of creating that loving constructive atmosphere. We hope to see you again, and wish you all good things on your path.

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