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Volunteers have had a lot of fun at our place in the past. We have hosted a lot of volunteers at our guest house. Now that our kids are grown, we are bringing volunteers to help with our homes. We have several big houses, so we need some help around the houses. It's a great opportunity to be in a familial environment. Expect to be treated just like a member of the family at our home. you will have some fun for sure and be invited to many activities and events. You will receive a free gym membership and stay in one of our nice houses. If you want to practice your English it's a great place to be. The mom is certified to teach English as a second language so can help you improve your English. And the family only speaks English so it's a true Immersive experience. And If you want to explore a great American city, Detroit is amazing and there is alot of do. There are several museums, many events to go to, and you will have a bike to explore the area. The neighborhood is also a nice place to take daily walks and it's beautiful and there are several parks nearby. Many attractions are nearby also! You can also do some volunteer work with other local nonprofits and interact with other volunteers. It's a very fun time in Detroit and we guarantee you will have a fantastic time in our city and in our home.

Hi, our family consists of me, my husband and 3 adult children, 1 living at home still. The mom runs a local housing nonprofit, and the dad is an executive at a car company. Our homestay participants are treated like a member of the family.


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Karen was my first experience as a worldpacker, and it was the best, she is a very dear, friendly woman with many ideas for immersing oneself in the culture, the language, and the city.
He always had events and programs for us to do, and she always thought of us.
Highly recommended to go!

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🇧🇷 Posso repetir por mais 3 meses?
Quero nem ir embora.
Adorei a experiência que tive aqui.

🇺🇸 Can I repeat it for another 3 months?
I don't even want to leave.
I loved the experience I had here.

2 meses atrás



Contact me for more information

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Karen respondeu

I did not leave this person a review.

So if you are a host and want more information or a traveler who wants the complete story, you can contact me also.

I am happy to talk to you about my experience with this person.

Thank you!

Karen Cherven
Executive Director, Detroit International House
whatsapp: +1 313 213 6930
email: [email protected]



My host, Karen, made me feel like a family member from the beginning. She is an expert host and always tries to make your experience in Detroit comfortable. I helped her manage the nonprofit as well as house maintenance. The workload is fair, sometimes also easier than expected. Remember to communicate with her transparently, about everything, she will appreciate. Have a good stay in Detroit!!

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My first experience as a worldpacker and it was wonderful. Karen is very accomodating, other house member also very welcoming. You get to meet other traveller from other countries and share cultures.. The tasks are bearable since not much to do in the winter. Pretty sure will be more fun activities on warmer days

6 meses atrás

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