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We live at the foothills of a national Park and only 20 kilometres from the Sardinian capital, Cagliari. It is the best of both worlds! Situated on a no through road, it's peaceful with very little traffic. There is a state bus service that runs to Cagliari and back on the SS 125, we have bicycles available for cycling also. It is a lively and friendly community with weekend markets close by. We are approximately 15 minates from the beach, but there is an18 metre pool in the garden. The accommodation is independent of the house, being a camper therefore travellers can choose to eat with us or be independent.

I am Australian and Chicco, my husband is Sardinian. We have built our house out of predominantly recycled materials over the last 20 year's. Chicco is a botanist, a passionate gardener, tennis player, and electronics whizz, I work with glass and textiles, we are both very creative and artistic and this can be seen throughout the house and garden. We have travelled widely ourselves and people from all walks of life can be expected to be treated as equals with interest, respect and curiosity. The days are spent, in a relaxed fashion maintaining as much as possible a sustainable life and all that we have created here. We are both aspiring musicians; Chicco in bass guitar and I in piano and concertina. In addition i would like to add that its difficult for us to commit to hosting volunteers for 2 weeks! Our property is not large. In addition to that, we often rent out our own house throughout the summer months, when we come and go, a stay in this period maybe for even less, it all depends on the relative circumstances. Ultimately we would prefer a stay to be somewhere around a week.

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