Finca Kuruksetra

Hello! We are Charlotte (USA) and Christian (Ecuador), and we have an EcoFinca outside of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Ecuador.

The Finca is about 8 hectares of hilly jungle, filled with cacao, banana, avocado, papaya, coffee, and other tropical fruit trees. Christian started this project in 2012 to create a community of people who want to live consciously and in harmony with the natural world. We believe sustainability has an environmental component (we eat vegetarian, use composting toilets, minimize waste, use resources we have on the finca, etc), but that it also has a cultural component; infusing art, cultural exchange, genuine connection, music, intergenerational sharing, and creative problem solving into daily life is important to living sustainably! The hope is that by starting small, by living well on the finca, we can spread an environmental consciousness to our surrounding community, and hopefully beyond.

This space is about creating, building, sharing, exchanging, learning, collaborating, disconnecting from that which doesn't serve us and reconnecting to something simple and necessary that many developed societies have long forgotten.

We welcome volunteers to come participate in this community exchange, and to help us on our various projects.

Our goal is to be 100% self sustaining, but we are not there yet.

We are Christian (Ecuador) and Charlotte (USA). Christian grew up on this land, and when he realized that he no longer shared certain beliefs with his family, he decided to build himself a home in hills to live more comfortably. There, he began sharing his space with travelers who were seeking to live like he did: vegetarian, simply, and in nature. I (Charlotte) am from the northwest of the United States, and I came here myself as a volunteer looking to escape cold, stressful capatalist societal demands. I fell in love with Ecuador, and Christian, and I joined the team in 2019. The rest of our community is made up of the travelers that come to volunteer. People stay anywhere from a week to several months, so the energy of the group, as well as its size, is always changing. Sometimes we have a more permanent amigo who helps us take care of the space, and sometimes it is just us welcoming the volunteers.

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