Finca Sol y Valle

Disconnect from a city-rushed lifestyle and get into a low-pace journey.
Wake up with the Nature’s orchestra sounds. Come to the kitchen and join a made-with-love break feast. Daily, we all learn from the process of nature. From the seed to the pants. The process of planting, taking care of, harvesting, and eating. In the edible forest, we see a slower process of fruit trees growing. In the rest of the secondary forest, we’re able to witness the magnificent older trees of ficus, cedro nogal, targuá, and so much more!
Depending on the current project, we’ll harvest huge bamboo guadua canes, and make the full process, to build with it later on. That’s how we were able to build the greenhouse, the composting center, the recycling center, and the tipi. In this last one, we could make inside campfires, music jamming, and prayers to the Great Mystery.
Afternoons are free time, for you to relax, read a book, write, take a walk, and socialize with the community.
Go to bed early, and have a proper and well-deserved rest.
Weekends are also free time. Well-being practices like meditation and exercise are highly recommended. You could also take the week-end to visit a local site, like the Irazu Volcano, Guayabo Archeological National Monument, or even the Organic Market.
This is a small farm, so we can host up to 5 volunteers at our place. We also have a homestay program, so there is also the possibility to stay at a local family house. :)

We’re a team of four young professionals, from Costa Rica and the United States, with the main intention to live from regenerative life practices. Lennon, our little vegan dog, is with us during our daily tasks. We're happy to share our lifestyle with a worldwide community, acting locally and having a global impact!


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Jeff, Dani, Ana, and Max each have their own unique set of skills and knowledge that work in tandem to each other. They have a great bond which creates a welcoming and inspiring environment to be in.
If you want to learn about being one more with nature and living life sustainably, then Finca Sol Y Valle is for you. From building sustainably to picking your own fruits and veggies to help make yummy meals (and learning the use of tons of plants medicinally) to learning non harmful ways to fumigate and compost all while living in your own piece of paradise. Well worth it!!

3 meses atrás

Anamor respondeu

Hey Shane,

It was a great pleasure to have you at the farm!
We love the furniture that you create for the kitchen, the good conversations, and the topographic maps that you made of this land!

Wish you all the best!

Sol y Valle Community

Reino Unido


What a wonderful time at the farm with Jeff, Ana, Dani and Max. I felt so welcomed and they took every opportunity to help me learn about things. The farm is very organised and you do different tasks every day, with the possibility to learn about every area that they are working on. Lennon the dog is a sweetheart and loves a cuddle. The days are well balanced with work in the mornings and a chance to relax or do something creative in the afternoons. I was the only volunteer for 2 of my 3 weeks and I thought I’d be lonely and maybe a bit bored, but that was not the case! Highly recommend!

6 meses atrás

Anamor respondeu

Thank you dear, we had a great time with you!
All the best during the rest of your journey!

Sol y Valle family

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Anamor, Dani, Max and Jeff were amazing! They were all so kind and attentive and really made you feel welcome. The farm is the perfect place to connect with nature and also with yourself. You’ll have lots of free time after volunteering, and it’s possible you’ll be the only volunteer. So this opportunity is perfect if this is what you’re looking for. The tasks are varied each day which keeps it really interesting. It was fun to learn about organic farming and I also got to help with a bioconstruction project. They offer wellness/ permaculture classes. Beautiful farm and beautiful people!

8 meses atrás

Anamor respondeu

Hey Eleni,
Thank you for your feedback! We also appreciate your presence here at the farm.
Sol y Valle Community

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