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Why should you volunteer at the highlands hostel?? Wow!! There is no way you will ever forget your experience… trust me!! We do our chores and Hit the 7 soft Sandy Beaches!! Explore the National Park! Swim in the Fresh water lakes! Bath in fresh water rivers and play on the natural water slide!! Waterfalls! Fish fresh sea bass at night!! Eat seafood!! Home cooked meals!! Be apart of our family! 21 degrees warm clean ocean waters!! Hikes everywhere!! We are a musical hostel!! We have acoustic bass and acoustic guitars.. electric guitars and electric bass!! Full jam room with amps cabs mics and drum kits, electric keyboard!! A fiddle a old piano! We have a Nintendo station with over 200 games!! We have a 60 foot bell tower with hammocks and fiber op internet! We have bon fires every night in the spring summer and fall!! After hours Music and karaoke machine!! We set up outdoor theater!! We have an indoor theater for movies nights and sports. We have a new ski hill and a Nordic centre!! We have the coast longboarding museum of downhill in the hostel…we have lots of fun!! We have an art station!! Help build huge snow caves to hang out in and sleep in during the winter!! Hang out or sleep in the adventure rv!! Learn to longboard!! Learn to grow cannabis…winter and rainy day Wood stove fires!! Cook on the TRAEGER!! It’s a smoker, broiler, BBQ, braise, grill, roast and bake! We chase rainbows.. storms in the bell tower!! Bla bla bla!!

Check out our Google reviews here at the Highlands Hostel…. They speak for themselves!! You will learn about our hostel family and the Hostel energy it self!!!

google Bricin Striker Lyons…. It’s been an unreal ride!!! I’ll need to fill you in at story time for the full story around the fire!!!

We live in the Hostel!!! So do you!! You get treated like our family!! You will be inspired!!! we will give you the wisdom and tools to kick ass at life!! Your moving into a real Canadian hostel!!! With us!!!

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my experience was excellent. The family is incredibly kind and welcomed me from the first moment. I had the opportunity to explore the area by hiking, which was a lot of fun and I was also given space to learn and practice my English.

The volunteer work was varied and depended on the number of guests staying, but in general, I was able to complete the tasks in 3 or 4 hours, which also allowed me to enjoy free time.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to have been part of your team and hope to visit you again in the future.

2 meses atrás

Bricin respondeu

We’re going to miss you Roberto!!! We just landed in BC!! Hope you have safe travels!! I’ll keep in touch brother!



A miserable experience.
Despite my best efforts to clean bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as making beds, my efforts Bricin (host) frequently
• criticised my attempts,
• accused me of working too slowly
• sent abusive messages to my Instagram account; and
• made fun of my accent.

Any time I did things correctly, they weren't even acknowledged or appreciated.

The only fun things I did in that entire torturous month were not connected to the hostel, such as playing darts with other locals, attending a beer festival and going on hikes with other travellers.

4 meses atrás

Bricin respondeu

By far the worst World Packers experience yet… we haven’t even taken on anyone since because of our experience. Incompetent, rude, not aware of his surroundings walking through guests when grumpy cleaning, no good with kids at all, bad at taking directions, painfully slow (7 beds 3 bathrooms in 8hrs). A sore loser when playing games with guests & kids, no attention 2 detail, not motivated or pro active, would complain about tasks. over 25 world packers and 7 yrs of guests he was the first person 2 make our daughter cry, talks very loud 2 himself complaining even screaming at times to himself while doing agreed upon tasks.

My abusive instagram message was “Don’t you ever touch this fireplace again you almost caused a fire” ( didn’t close the fireplace door to lock it and a burning log hit the glass opening the door sucking in a dangerous draft and causing sparks to shoot out the door… Marius had no idea we were really lucky Patricia caught this intime….the instagram post before that was “It’s time to pack your bags this is enough” …. HOSTS BEWARE!! We could go on but I’ll just leave it at that. We tried.



Life here was wonderful.
The work was easy and well-explained. The hostel family took great care to ensure that I enjoyed my stay. Though my English was imperfect, they were always patient with me. The motto of the hostel is "Just flow," which confused me at first, but I got used to it. I loved everything about here, the beautiful nature, the kind family, the great hostel, and the friendly neighbors.
However, there were a few inconveniences, such as not being told when it was my day off and when guests were supposed to check out.
I am very happy to work here and can't thank them enough.

5 meses atrás

Bricin respondeu

That's fantastic, Noriko! Regarding the few challenges of not knowing your days off, during your 30-day stay, we only had three bookings. Consequently, nearly every day turned out to be a day off since there was no work if no one checked in. We just expect dishes be done after we cook for you or wipe a counter if you see crumbs or take out the garbage if it’s full. Minor chores.

Addressing the uncertainty of guest checkouts, with only three bookings in that period, the busiest checkout day coincided with an adventure I took you on, while Patricia efficiently managed three bed flips. The other two bookings we weren’t sure if they were extending their stay or not so sometimes it’s tuff to tell. We do get lots of bookings extending their stay after they show up and end up loving it here hahahah. Good Problem to have. Thanks for the feedback Noriko!!




This was an amazing experience. The nature around is stunning and the hostel experience is like no other. You become part of the family and they welcome you in with open arms and are eager to learn about other cultures.

6 meses atrás

Bricin respondeu

Where do we start! Big Daniel was a boss!! He overlooked 10 world packers in the four months he spent with us and meshed perfectly with everyone!!! A Solid World Packer!! Takes charge!! Gets shit done!!! Takes responsibility!! Very accountable!! Very proactive!! Does all the right things to keep things tidy clean and rolling!! Very Trustworthy! Smart and a big heart!! Very adventurous and competitive. Can be silly and never will shy away from a good time..

Hosts if Daniel applies to your project snap him up fast no questions!! No worries you in good hands!! A drivin strong young man that gets it!!! Detail detail detail!!




Such an amazing experience!! Loved every minute of it:) The tasks are clear, easy, you can ask a hundred times and Patricia with her endless patience will explain it all over again. Bricin gives you one hell of an insight into the culture, always takes you on adventures and makes sure to make the most of the time. The kids will never fail to put a smile on your face. 100% recommend applying!!! Had the best time ever:))

7 meses atrás

Bricin respondeu

Hahahahahha awwwesssome!!

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