Hostel Taormina

We are young people who know that travelers must deal with the “little” problem of having to look for decent accommodation. We want to make that search a bit easier. Everybody knows that sleeping in a hostel has the disadvantage of not having the services and the privacy you can find in a hotel, but it gives you the possibility of making friends with other travelers more easily. If you sleep in dormitories with other people you have the chance of exchanging information, experiences, and adventures, and discovering different lifestyles, views and languages. This is the principle behind hostels. Our beautiful city, the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, that is rich in culture and natural beauty, awaits you with its beaches, mountains, monuments and history. We are here to welcome you and to help you discover our city and its district. Taormina is wonderful in summer and, because of its lovely weather, it is wonderful in winter as well. Furthermore, behind the town there is Mt. Etna that, in winter, has a mantle of snow, perfect for those who enjoy winter sports. Taormina is the starting point for excursions to all Sicily, where you can admire the Sicilian Baroque buildings and the classical and architectural beauty of places like Noto, Modica, Ragusa, Syracuse, Agrigento, Palermo, Acireale, and Catania, where there is “nightlife” all the year round. We are here to plan your holidays in the best way possible and, above all, to meet you. We look forward to your stay with us!

The volunteers are always treated equally to all the other staff members, we think of ourselves as of a family! Mutual respect and friendly attitude is what we value the most, no matter how different our points of view would be.

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Tudo incrível! Hostel muito lindo em um lugar fabuloso. Todos muito legais.

2 meses atrás


He hecho voluntariado en HT por más o menos 3 semanas y he de decir que ha sido más que suficiente. Desde el primer día en que vine, el anfitrión y los compañeros de trabajo me ayudaron en qué tareas tenía que hacer. El equipo en general ha sido atento conmigo y es algo que agradezco ya que ha sido mi primera experiencia con Worldpackers.

Básicamente las tareas eran de limpieza y de vez en cuando ayudar con la gestión de los bookings. Lo que más me ha gustado era cuando la gente entraba en el hostel y interactuaba con ellos ya soy una chica sociable. Si tienen alguna duda, contáctenme!!

4 meses atrás


I had the best time at hostel Taormina, everybody was very nice and helpful. I would definitely go back if I have the chance. Trust me, you will feel welcome at this hostel.

7 meses atrás

Francesco respondeu

Thank You Julian, was a pleasure to have you here with us.
Julian is very dynamic and problem solving guy, really able with computer and programing. He knows how to do everything!


They all always were so kind, lovely and polite with me. They had pacient to help me with the language and everything. I’d like to say thank you all and say that they were my italian family here literily. The work usually is helping cleaning, painting or biulding some thing. Its simple and relax. I would like to be back.

9 meses atrás


Amazing experience! Everybody there are lovely people, they make you feel like home

9 meses atrás

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