Il Germoglio

It is a magnificent place, surrounded by nature, between woods and fields.It is a perfect place for trekking, climbing and skiing. We love to learn with different cultures!

The project was created by me and my brother, 37 and 33 years old. The management is familiar, this is a place of passage for many people, friends, volunteers who come from all over the world. We are open-minded, we like to create new relationships, learn about new cultures and knowledge. We love music, play and create new!

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A very welcoming and friendly family. Every time we sat down together for meals I felt comfortable. There is always something new to learn and lots of different things to do. I felt like I was always learning something and could always ask more questions. A great experience! You can truly see their love and passion for the environment and their projects.

3 meses atrás



I absolutely loved my stay at Il Germoglio. I learned a lot about herbs and biodynamic work with nature. Everybody was super kind and made me feel welcome. I really hope to return one day :)

4 meses atrás



No me alcanzan las palabras para agradecer mi voluntariado en Il Germoglio.
Mucho trabajo.,mucho equipo ,muchas ganas , mucho aprendizaje , mucha conversación de cosas positivas y aveces negativas.
Pero justamente la fuerte comunicación del Germoglio hace que las cosas se reviertan.
Il Germoglio es un lugar con una consciencia del medio ambiente que se lo aprende hasta cuando se prepara las comidas del equipo.
Gracias familia espero volver a trabajar juntos nuevamente.

5 meses atrás



Il Germoglio is a really special place. It allowed me to appreciate nature and the people around me, in a way I had never experienced before. The project is filled with admirable and inspirational people who truly made an impact in my life.
Though living conditions in the tents were difficult at times (when it rains) and work hours occasionally were more than agreed, the whole experience has been very positively impactful for me, and i believe it will be for others as well :)

5 meses atrás



En mi primer día me sentí cómoda por el calor familiar que hay, Andrea y Alessio son unas grandes personas, Alessio un pro en la cocina, hace que te sientas feliz al comer. Un lugar dónde la experiencia también la hacen mucho los otros voluntarios, conectas con la naturaleza, conoces gente increíble, me llevo muy lindos momentos. Cuando llegaba Luisa aveces no me sentía cómoda, tiene gestos grotescos, pero también es una buena persona. Yo dormía cómoda en la tienda pero va depender de cada uno. Es una aventura muy a la naturaleza, me llevo muy bonitos recuerdos.experiencia bella🦋🌱

5 meses atrás

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