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You will be received with love and care by our team, animals and nature. Being a volunteer at the Instituto Passo a Passo is much more than helping a place. It is being in service of something higher. Our main purpose is to contribute to human evolution. You will receive a lot by giving, you will grow and look at the world with diferent eyes. It is an unique experience that will stay within you forever. Transforming life starting by your own.

We are a team of 17 employees and 40 volunteers. Everyone is diferent but everyone has the same purpose: human evolution through the movements of the horse and nature. You will be treated with respect and care. What is important, is that you will need to go along with our rules about drinking and smoking outside of the Institute and outside working hours. We work with vulnerable people and we are here to inspire what we believe in. You will have the opportunity to show your talent and habilities to us, always open to learn and discover. You will learn a lot of stuff about horses, how the centre of Equine Assisted Therapy runs and as foreigner in Brazil, you will learn a lot about yourself, about the brazilian culture, you will learn portuguese :) This is gonna be amazing.


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Estar en Passo a Passo, es una experiencia ÚNICA, es una gran familia donde habrá de todo pero lo más importante es que encontrarás gente dispuesta a apoyar, sacarte una sonrisa y trabajar con todo el amor del mundo 🌎❤️
Passo a Passo, gracias por mostrarme otra realidad y darme nuevas formas de saber cómo apoyar a la gente, familias, funcionarios y caballos 🐴.

Si quieres vivir experiencias únicas, tener una vista maravillosa, ayudar, conocer más sobre caballos y llenarte de amor, Passo a Passo es tu opción!

RECOMIENDO 100%, sus anfitriones, todo es respetado y la comida es deliciosaaa!

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Si quieres que tu corazón se llene de amor, entonces ve a Passo a Passo!. Fue una experiencia maravillosa, llena de aprendizajes. Me fui con mucha gratitud. Stephanie, quien coordina el programa, es muy amorosa e inspiradora. Te hace sentir en casa. Las instalaciones son muy cómodas, el espacio está en un entorno natural bellísimo y todo el equipo de trabajadores te acoge.

Me enseñaron del cuidado de los caballos, del trabajo terapeutico con niños, del apoyo a las familias, etc.

Me permitieron proponer tareas, como ordenar la tienda, y me animaron a cada instante a sentirme cómoda.

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Without a doubt, the days that I was in Passo a Passo will be something that I will never forget. Stephanie, the hostess, is a very sweet person and concerned about making you feel at home. Every person I met at the Institute opened their doors to me and was so kind to me. My little Portuguese was not an obstacle at all. I learned about horses, therapies, animal care, children and Brazilian culture. I have my heart full of love!
It should be noted how delicious the food is, really, those lunches were 5 stars.
Thank you Passo a Passo, I will always carry you in my heart.

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Uma imersão incrível na natureza e com as pessoas também, me senti super acolhida e aprendi muito com os cuidados com os cavalos e também nos atendimentos que são maravilhosos, tenho muito mais a aprender e recomendo muito!

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Foi meu primeiro voluntariado e foi uma experiência incrível no Instituto Passo a Passo, com pessoas maravilhosas em um lugar muito lindo😍 I recommend this experience for anyone who would like to work with horses and discover assisted equine therapy. I was not speaking Portuguese before coming but it hasn’t been a problem so don’t be afraid to come, you will learn a lot of things here, Portuguese and so much more!
Muito obrigada Instituto Passo a Passo

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Instituto respondeu

Thank you so much Lila for your great work, your contribution and your humility. You helped us a lot , the families and children loved you , especialy Bea :) take good care, good luck in your next step. Enjooooy Brasiiiillll this fantastic country !

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