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More than just a launching off point for beach days and bar nights, the ITH Adventure Hostel is a home away from home for guests and volunteers from all around the world. We cook breakfasts for one another. We cook dinners alongside one another. We toast to the talents and curiosities of all people. We are a safe place to learn more about the people of the world. In exchange for 24 hours of your time each week, we provide you with meals and snacks and laughs and adventures to beaches, mountains, deserts, and more. Come and join the ITH Family. We can't wait for you to tell us all about you!

We house and feed an average of 8 on-site staff here at the hostel, and the hostel itself hosts up to 60 guests each night. The team shares the responsibility of keeping the hostel clean, well organized, and full of good vibes. Each volunteer hosts a nighttime activity each week, giving everyone the chance to meet even more travelers from all around the world. Activities range from nights out at the bar to yoga sessions in the nearby park to simply hanging at the hostel playing music on the front patio. We work hard here at the hostel. And that hard work gives us the kind of clean, inviting space we need in order to host amazing gatherings, parties, concerts, jam sessions, and whatever activities and experiences you'd like to help us to create here at the hostel. This is a community. And we love it here. We think you will too :)

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ITH is a fantastic volunteer opportunity! Everything was perfect, from the facilities, volunteers, and employees, to the location, flexibility, and excitement. Had I of known I was going to enjoy my time in San Diego as much as I did, I would have planned to stay longer. If you are a remote worker like myself, ITH is ideal as they will easily work with your schedule. I loved the company so much, I am continuing my journey with ITH in other locations around Cali in the next few months. Thanks for everything guys and see you soon!

3 meses atrás



El grupo de gente que trabaja aquí es maravilloso. Cumplieron con todo y más. Siempre agradecida con mi anfitrión. Muy amables.
Súper recomendable! Las instalaciones del hostel un 10, la ubicación 10, el desayuno 10, la cena 10, súper divertidas las actividades del hostel.

4 meses atrás



ITH is an excellent place to upgrade skills, improve English, and enjoy California. The team is professional, caring, and responsible, fostering a positive work environment. The management team really cares about you. Sometimes it feels like a real job than work exchange, but schedule is much easier than it was in New York and It’s about work culture in the USA, I understand that. Staff changes occur frequently due to company policy, but overall, it's a great place for a genuine California experience. You can also explore working in various locations with different atmospheres

5 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


ITH Adventure Hostel was my best decision to volunteer in San Diego! The place feels like home, hours are what exactly as previously discussed, tasks usually are fun and easy. People are great! Nathan and Santi are great leaders and always take care of us. I am so happy and glad for the people I have met here. I would totally recommend it to a friend! Thank you for this great experience!

6 meses atrás



The experience of being a volunteer was amazing with guests and others volunteers, but the owners and managers have difficulty to respect and treat the volunteers well, you have afraid to them kick you out all the time if you don’t be exactly who they want, one of the managers invited me to have a date with him and I didn’t accept so they kick me out before my ending contract saying that I have bad energy… so if you want have this experience try to find another company 😊

8 meses atrás

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